Friday, 18 December 2015

December Comics (well, some of them).

I'm cramming real hard to try and get everything I want to write about written before Christmas and the New Year, so expect a lot of thoughts over the holiday period.

Today, I thought I'd post my musings on some of Decembers comics. I say some because issues at my LCS has meant that certain books (Black Magick, Where is Jake Ellis?) were not placed in my folder when I was last in there.

Thankfully though, a few digital books and a birthday present has, at least, meant that I still talk about a few things.

So first on the reading list was Black Science #18, which picked up direct from issue 17 and helped me clarify that the Godworld arc was really a trip to fix McKay's damaged psyche. But, as well as helping me clarify the premise, this was an all round better issue and felt like a real return to form as the pace picked up and Grant faced his fears alongside his brother. I have to be honest, while I've enjoyed the adventurous, very pulpy nature of Black Science since it's beginning, delving into Grant's damaged past was really insightful and, hopefully, will make him a much more noble (for want of a better word) protagonist going forward. So now I'm back on board after that prior bump in the road, although I have to admit that I'm unsure of where it can go next as this plot point seems to have been resolved. Oh well, I have faith in Remender and Scalara because they've done so well so far.

Next up I read Daredevil #1, which wasn't a planned purchase as I was still avoiding Marvel. However, as my wife bought it for me as a birthday present I figured I'd give it a read and see if Charles Soule and Ron Garney could keep me hooked liked their predecessors. This all-new (all-different apparently) volume saw the man without fear return to New York, go to work as a prosecutor, get a black outfit and pick up a sidekick. Unfortunately, while the art was absolutely gorgeous, having this really washed out noir look crossed with a Schindler's list colour scheme (lots of red standing out), the story struggled to do anything for me. I know that the book takes place eight months after Secret Wars (sigh), but there are just too many plot holes preventing me from understanding how Matt Murdock has gotten his secret identity back and why he's at odds with Foggy (oh, and where's Kirsten McDuffie?). Also, Matt comes off as a bit of a jerk compared to the Waid/Samnee run, which also helps put me off. As a result, I'm a little put off by this and am now only considering issue 2 because of the awesome visuals and the hope that some of my questions will be answered, though I'd say the outlook is good.

So, with those two read I finally (yesterday morning in fact) finished up by reading Superman: American Alien #2, which saw the now teenager Clark who, upon finding a terrible crime having occurred in Smallville, takes it upon himself to track down those responsible. After reading this issue, I have to admit I wasn't as hooked as I was with issue 1, as it came off as darker and not as fantastical (with good reason though). However, despite that I still really enjoyed this issue as Clark did the whole rebellious teen bit while at the same time showing another sign of becoming the Man of Tomorrow. I also really liked this month's artist as Tommy Lee Edwards' work really gave a Black Hood vibe, which suited the more brutal tone of the story. If there is one thing which I really liked though was the number of people who know about Clark's secret. It kind of makes sense that others in Smallville would know more about him and, as a result, help protect him, so I hope we see more of it. Overall, it was still a good read and the added bonus at the end certainly helps make me want to come back for more. That said, I just hope the future instalments don't have such a dark, Man of Steel-esque tone.

So, that's December done (unless a miracle occurs and I can get back to the LCS before Xmas) for me, with any remaining books not being read until January. However, I've got 12 days of Comixology to read until then and, all being well, good Black Magick and Lazarus issues will make the delay worth the wait.

But until then, Merry Christmas. Hope everyone (especially me) gets lots of comics!!!

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