Friday, 27 November 2015

Novembers comics (so far)

In truth, I kind of expected not to write about any print comics for a few more weeks. The reason being is that, as my local comic book shop is in the town centre, I hadn't planned on any more than one trip before the new year so I could avoid the crowds of Christmas shoppers.

Well, things (as per usual with me) haven't gone to plan, though in a positive way, as I was able to go in last weekend.

And, like the last pick up of print comics, it's only two books and only one of them managed to impress me.

(This is becoming a bit of a trend).

So, first up was Lazarus #20, which finally returns after (what feels like) a lengthy absence, and sees Forever, recently resurrected, trying to regroup with her team and finish the mission. Meanwhile, at home, Johanna's plans take an unexpected turn.

Now, Lazarus is one of my top books (which, in fairness, doesn't take much as I pick up so few) but after reading this issue, I think it's break and delayed releases has given the series a slight breath of fresh air. Issue 20 was captivating from start to finish, with Forever taking a back seat while Casey and Johanna taking the lead, with more supporting characters like Arthur and Marisol being given more time to shine. This issue really made me think of the book as more an ensemble series than before.

But also, the political manoeuvring which was occurring in the home portions really have me more intrigued about what is to come. I've also been left with questions about the loyalties of characters I'd previously thought I had a good handle on. Issue 20 was a fantastic instalment and has me looking forward to 21.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can say the same after having read Unfollow #1, which tells the story of a social media mogul who, on his deathbed, bequeathes equal portions of his vast fortune to 140 random strangers as well as inviting them to meet at his remote island home.

Unfollow was a really interesting book when I saw it in previews a few months back with the concept feeling like a internet inspired ten little Indians. However, after an intriguing start, this book really fell apart for me afterwards with some unusual events, like a talking leopard.

However, the biggest problem for are the characters, with the first characters of the 140 introduced coming across as rather arrogant and unlikable to me. Added to this is an ending which feels unconnected to the main story, with a guy who looks like Hershal from the Walking Dead (seriously!!), I've come away from reading this issue feeling rather underwhelmed.

So, once again, I've finished a reading session with only one book wowing me. The hard part for me now is do I give Unfollow another chance (breaking my recently set up rules) or do I stay strong and drop it for something else.

Either way, issue 2 will be a guarantee for me, as it comes out next week. That said, this won't be the big part of my next reading session as Where is Jake Ellis'? final issue comes out.

All I can say to that is 'finally'!!!

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