Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Black Science #17.

I'm now a week behind on my comics. This is better than being the month behind that I was last week, but I figured after that catch up I'd more likely to stay up to date for the foreseeable future.

Well, work and general real life seems to have proven that plan wrong.

That said, I have actually read what book (yes book, as in only the one) came out last week, it's just a shame it took me half a week to read and another half to actually get my thoughts down.

But, as proven here, I've finally gotten round to both and so, here are my thoughts on Black Science #17. (Be warned spoilers ahead!!!)

After issue 16 pretty much finished the books first arc (and at 16 issues, that was the longest arc I've ever seen), issue 17 started the 'Godworld' arc. Taking place three years later, we find Grant McKay alone in a strange world salvaging scrap. It seems that just after the last issue the Pillar exploded, separating McKay from his team and Children and scattering them all throughout the Eververse.

Since then the books' lead has been trying to find them, a task he's struggling with as his memories have slowly been 'eaten' away while he's been searching for an elusive power source. However, things seem to ramp up again when, after having a dream of his childhood, McKay encounters a weird alien, a monster from his past and his brother in quick succession as he continues his search for a way off of the 'Godworld'.

Sounds pretty exciting huh? Well I have to admit that this wasn't the case for me. This is because after a real rollercoaster of a first arc, I was totally caught off guard by such a drop in pace for this rather slow burn issue. I also found what happened after his 'dream' to be a little confusing and had me wondering is it all a dream or hallucination? I expect it is because how else would his brother have found him but then anything is possible in this series so I think I'll find out next issue.

In truth this wasn't an overly bad issue, as the art is still fantastically pulpy, but is only memorable for me because of the questions it has me asking. By the end all I want to know is where are the rest of the cast? Did any of them die? Why did the Pillar explode? What happened with the Snake/ghost things in three years? and so on and so on.

So not the greatest of returns, but it did a job which I like in my comics, it had me wanting the next issue, if for no other reason than to answer my questions.

Thankfully I won't have to wait as long as I just have for those answers!!

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