Thursday, 5 November 2015

Comics from October.

It's been a few weeks since I last wrote anything here, which is a sad side effect of having a hectic life of late. It isn't the only side effect either as regular reading of comics has also fallen by the wayside, hence why I've only just gotten round to reading the comics released in October now.

That said, it's a little depressing that it still took me so long to pick up and read only two print books which were released during the month. I guess that's a testament to just how busy I've been.

However, read them I now have and, while the reasons for picking both books up were both very different, so were my reactions to them after said reads.

First up, I read Black Magick #1 which I picked up due to it's creative team. Greg Rucka has been killing it writing Lazarus, while Nicola Scott's art on Earth 2 was freaking phenomenal and so I figured this book had to have been a sure thing. Of course, this belief waned when I checked out the preview, which I found less than stellar.

Well, that'll teach me to put stock in preview pages because reading the whole issue reaffirmed my original belief. Black Magick is a sure thing! While starting a little slow, once a funny scene with a mobile hit, the issue became a lot more engrossing and, much like Lazarus, ended with questions on my mind compelling me to return.

But, that was nothing compared to the art because, while it was very different to what I'd seen in Earth 2, Scott's art was truly stunning in black and white, made only better when I turned the page to find half of a full page spread filled in glorious colour. What a way to make a panel stand out! By the end, I have to admit I was hooked and knew right there and then that this will be hitting my pull list.

However, the same couldn't be said for Batgirl #45 which, after having dropped title previously, I had picked up for the concept of Alyssa's wedding found within, along with all the raves I'd been hearing about it. Sadly, this issue proved once again that, while Batgirl by Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher and Babs Tarr is a nice enough read, it just doesn't hook me like others do (or Black Magick did).

The problem here is that I don't know why I can't get on board with this book. It's like the opposite of the Chilli-Chutney sandwich from Red Dwarf (I'm showing my age now): All the right ingredients, but no mind-blowing, post hangover food (it's an episode during series 2. Check it out).

In the case of the comic, the plot is fun enough, even if too much Dick Grayson for me, and the characters are written really well and come across very happy and fun. And then there is the art, which is just absolutely fantastic and makes me wonder why I've never seen Babs Tarr's work before. That said, it all just didn't gel for me and it means, no matter how sweet the issue was, this isn't a series for me and so won't be getting a second chance.

 So, that was October done. It was short and sweet, although I'd have preferred both books totally wowing me (although neither was actually terrible). That said, next month is November, which means Unfollow, two Lazarus issues, a new Superman mini starting, more Black Magick and the return of Black Science.

Sounds promising. I just hope I can pick them up more frequently.

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