Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Copperhead #10

It's been quite a quick weekend in my opinion. It's also been a busy one, as I complete some tasks in my life so that I can prepare for an important..... project I have planned for early next year.

As always, image taken from Comixology.
But that doesn't mean I can't fit at least one comic into my days off and that one comic happens to be Copperhead #10 which was finally released last week.

This issue of Firefly on a planet (because, come on, it totally is in tone) caps off the current arc with Bronson and her posse sneaking into city of crime Bastion to find and rescue deputy Boo, who isn't exactly endearing himself to Zolo and his gang as they hold him hostage.

Although it took me a minute to catch myself back up on what was happening (it has been quite a while since #9 came out), I really enjoyed this issue and how it finished this story. A couple of scenes made me chuckle, how Ishmael partook in bar fight for information as well as the Sheriff Bronson impersonating a whore in a brothel in order to catch Zolo's brother and get a hostage of her own.

That said, I did find the issue felt very quick to tie up this particular arc. I was also kind of disappointed regarding Zolo's exit from the title as I thought he'd have been a rather interesting reoccurring bad guy going forward.

However, I still really enjoyed this book, as I thought it sort of solidified the relationship between Bronson and Boo, reinforcing any mutual respect between them.

As with most of the books I read (naturally), I really can't wait for the next issue, especially as the prison escape plot from earlier in the series looks set to finally impact the main characters in the here and now (starting with a final shock regarding the Mayor).

It's just a shame that the final page is a letter detailing a delay in issue 11's release. I guess I'll have to learn patience.

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