Friday, 29 April 2016

For DC Rebirth I'm buying Wonder Woman, but nothing else!

This has been a decision I've been wrestling with for the better part of a week, but not because of anything simple or mundane.

Basically, it was all to do with that Shelly Bond thing!

A little background in case you were living under a rock. Last week DC announced that it was reshuffling its management structure so that Vertigo staff reported direct to DC top dogs (or some such idea). However, as a result of this, Vertigo head honcho Bond was dismissed due to being surplus to requirements.

Wonder Woman, the only DC
Rebirthcomic worthy of my time.
Well, the Internet didn't take kindly to this, but not because Bond was fired. The problem most people had was that she was fired while a long time DC editor kept his job despite being accused of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Now, I'm not writing this to have a rant on the subject, there are plenty other places you can find such things on the Internet. I'm merely stating it to give my decision some context.

This is because, not long after this 'news', I read an article on the blog mom reads comics which talked about boycotting DC due to these events. The thing is, I agree with what I read because, and maybe I'm soapboxing, I think DC keeping this guy in a job while 'better' people are removed is particularly unfair. For what this guy did, he should have been fired, not hidden away until the dust settled. That said, he wasn't and there is little I'm able to do about it...

...except withhold my money!!

And this is where I hit a quandary. I want to back up my convictions on this subject and just avoid DC comics. That said, as fickle as it is, I'm still a fan and want to at least see if the whole Rebirth thing is an improvement on New 52.

So thank god for Greg Rucka!

I'm a big fan of Rucka's work. Lazarus is amazing! Final Crisis: Revelations was the best thing to come out of that whole mess and his work on Question and Batwoman during 52 were major highlights there. Therefore, his writing Wonder Woman out that book to the top of my list, something which was enhanced with the inclusion of Nicola Scott (Liam Sharp I can take or leave, although a tweet of his art I just saw sure gives me hope for a creative trifecta).

The thing is that the creative team on a book isn't the dealbreaker here so much as the morals behind said team. What I mean by this is as I was reading up on the whole Bond scandal (I think it's safe to call it that) I found this small mention, only about a paragraph, that Rucka had agreed to write Wonder Woman as long as he didn't report to the editor in questionFor me, this is the clincher!
Now, maybe I'm selling out my moral state. Maybe a boycott is only effective if I boycott ALL DC comics, not the 99%. But while DC shouldn't be praised for their behaviour over the whole thing, should the creators be equally affected? I think not, but while most won't work under this guy, to me Rucka is the only one I have proof of (to my knowledge) who willingly stands up to what has happened. Therefore, it seems logical to me that if there is any one book from DC I WILL get when Rebirth begins, it's Wonder Woman!

Or, at the very least, it sure won't be a Superman book!

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