Tuesday, 29 March 2016


After finishing Dead Roots late last week, I found myself fancying another anthology book. Now this isn't a surprise given my belief that anthologies are a concept which is not given enough praise.

Meanwhile at the same time, I was thinking of ideas of my own that I had been coming up with and what artist I'd like to work with on them (should I ever get that good).

As, such it seemed like an obvious choice in next reading the Andythology as it was not only an anthology, but one which showcased the talents of creator Andy Bloor, whose art style I really love. The Andythology brought together varying stories by writers Kieren Gillen, Mo Ali, Leah Moore and John Seppion, all of which had only one connection; to have been drawn in the unique style of Bloor.
Now, much like Dead Roots, this was a book with a selection of very dark and twisted, but ultimately well written and I have to say that really enjoyed every single one. However, I've got to say that the stories were not the reason I bought this book, Andy's art was and I was in no way disappointed. I loved Andy's dark, gothic monochrome style the first time I laid eyes on it during Midnight Man and once again here I found it looking so, striking, so bold, so gorgeous. The stories may have been good, but they could have been bad and I'd have still bought this book for panels so beautiful.

So, all in all, this was money well spent when I picked it up at True Believers and I'm glad I've finally gotten round to reading it. However, my wife doesn't seem to think so, probably because she knows that if Andy Bloor keeps drawing like this, then I'll keep giving him all our money for his comics.

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