Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February 2016's comics

So, it's been a few weeks since I've posted here nan's that wasn't exactly what I had planned. Sadly, once again, real life (along with a tonne of small press reviews) have been keeping me busy.

Fortunately, this has given me plenty of time to get through all my comics picked up during February.

So, first up this month was Black Science #20, which continued the creation of a hero in lead character Grant McKay as he began his search for his team, and ended facing off against some ghosts from his recent past. Now, Black Science has been one of two true highlights in my pull list since the moment it began, but with this Godworld arc, it just feels like it's risen to a whole other level. Once again, this was an issue which was break neck, cover-to-cover action as McKay overcame obstacles and enemies to continue to rise higher and higher as the hero this story deserves. And with the still incredibly solid, pulpy looking art by Scalera, the only thing I'm hating about this book is the fact there is a month between issues because if this book was weekly then I'd still consider it money well spent (despite my limited budget).

Next on my pile was Superman: American Alien #4, which this time saw a slightly older still Clark Kent going to an intern job at the Daily Planet where his assignment is to cover a business meeting between DCU mainstays, Lex Luthor, Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne. Now I couldn't get on board with this issue on the first read through, but on the second time I found this yet another enjoyable issue as it continued with concept of the building up the eventual man of steel. What I found most enjoyable here was the different points of view which were given by the various characters, each very different but so valid. However, I didn't take to the art so much for, while Jim Lee's style is very unique and I liked it on Batman Superman, here it is just too jarring and distracts me from the story. Despite that though, it's still an enjoyable series and I look forward to how it continues.

Then came Daredevil #3-4 which, this month, were the only print comics on my pile (Black Magick #2 was STILL not in yet!!!). These two issues continued the Tenfingers story with issue 3 seeing the man without fear protecting his new enemy against an old one while issue 4 saw him go and assist and the original Captain America in exchange for advice. Now, I feel really cruel for saying this, because I hear so much praise for this run, but these two issues continued  to be a struggle to get into. I think that the main problem is that, coming off of the tremendous Waid/Samnee run, this one had an uphill struggle to meet those standards anyway. However, the 'genie in the bottle' mentality of DD's secret identity just rubs me up the wrong way, as well as the fact that this character doesn't read like the Daredevil I know. There is nothing technically wrong with these issues (although the Cap issue felt a little shoehorned in), as Ron Garvey's art is still terrific, but I'm think my time reading Daredevil is done and these two issues really didn't do much to change my mind on that.
And finally, over the course of the month I continued the week-by week reading of The Legend of Wonder Woman #13-15, which let us see Diana learn more about the war and meantime discover a worrying revelation regarding her mother while running into a very familiar face while trying to confront said revelation. Now, after reading this, I find myself asking why it is that DC can't make books in its actual continuity which are as good as this as Renae De Liz continues to craft an incredibly engaging story which makes Wonder Woman's more traditional origin a lot more relatable to me. And although the story is starting to slow down a little (most likely to draw it out so it fills the 9 standard issues it is solicited for) it is still written so lovingly and the art is so vibrant that if this origin isn't considered the standard for the main (and film) versions of the character, then there really isn't anyone with taste in charge at DC.

So, that was February for me done and, while it was a bit of a let down given that Daredevil is dropping off my pull list for the first time since Dakota North was in the book, the other three books were so good that they more than made up for it when it comes to my enjoyment levels. Therefore, I should say that choosing my book of the month should be difficult and it almost was as Wonder Woman has been SO good. However, at the end of the day it still can't hold a candle to the awesomeness of Black Science #20 which is, without doubt, my favourite read of this bunch. Never mind though, maybe WW will take the top spot in March.

That said, I've still got to wait another (longer) month to find out. In the meantime though, back to indie comics I go!!!


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