Saturday, 26 March 2016

My wants from DC Rebirth

So, DC announced the creative teams for their little 'Rebirth' event happening in a few months and, thanks to the miracle of Twitter, I've seen everyone and their mothers talking about what interests them from all this talk.

Well, after going through all the info, I actually found 10 books (can you believe? 10!!) which actually interest me and make me tempted to pick up.

So, I thought I'd write a little list of them, along with the reasons why they tempted (as well as some reasons why I might also be put off).

So, here they are:

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
- I was a big fan of Gail Simone's final, pre-52 run with Oracle, Canary and Huntress. Therefore, the return of the original cast (sans Lady Blackhawk) has me tempted. However, Julie and Shawna Benson I've never heard of an so, to me, are unknown quantities. That said, I'm happy to take a look at their work and check it out.

Blue Beetle - This is of big interest for me as it brings Ted Kord back into the DC fold and with Keith Giffen writing, I think Ted and Jaime Reyes would be well represented. However, on the flip side, I'm not a fan of Scott Kolins art, which would make this book a bit hit and miss in my eyes.

Cyborg - I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Cyborg and so this book might be the bottom of the bunch. However, it makes this list for one simple reason; Paul Pelletier. His work has always been a favourite of mine since he was on Fantastic Four with Strazynski and McDuffie, hence my willingness to consider this series.

Deathstroke - I read the Client, the Black Panther arc by Christopher Priest way back when and it was really good. So, seeing him return to comics, and on Deathstroke no less, really makes me tempted to buy this. The only downside is that the series will be twice monthly, an aspect of Rebirth which doesn't interest me.

The Flash - Like Deathstroke, the Flash suffers from being a twice monthly book. The reason for it being on this list though is the art team includes Carmine Di Giandomenico, whose work on Magneto: Testament was really something and is all the evidence he needs to make me want to see what he does on here.

Suicide Squad - Along with Cyborg, Suicide Squad is probably the least interesting on this list as it consists of the movie cast and is a twice monthly series. In the plus column is the fact it's written by Rob Williams, who I hear to be quite the writer, despite my struggle to get on board with his Martian Manhunter and Unfollow. Oh well, third time could be a charm there.

Teen Titans - Teen Titans has one positive and one negative for me, both of which revolves around its cast. In the positive corner is the fact Wally West returns as Kid Flash (yay!!!) but the negative is the fact the Damian Wayne is included as Robin (bring back Tim Drake). Petty I know, but I'm a not a Damian fan.

Titans - I think this could be a winner, if not in the top three because a. It's single issue monthly, b. Dan Abnett is the writer and c. It's the original Titans. That's enough to sell it to me.

Trinity - Trinity is another top level book for me because not only is it about the Man of Steel, Dark Knight and Amazon Princess together, but it's a single issue monthly and it's all done by Francis Manapul a.k.a artist extraordinaire.

Wonder Woman - To finish my list on a high, here's Wonder Woman, to which I've added because, out simply, Greg Rucka's writing and Nicola Scott is on art (for at least every other issue). This could almost be considered a sure thing on creators alone if it wasn't ruined by being yet another twice monthly series. However, if Rucka and co. can recreate what Renae De Liz is doing on the Legend of Wonder Woman, then I'm in regardless.

And there we have it.

At the moment, I've got to admit that Wonder Woman and Trinity are my front runners, but how many of these books I pick up will depend entirely on budget, so I'll have to wait and see.

For now though, lets bask in the glory of knowing that DC have me excited about their books again, for the first time in what feels like a long time (say New 52 start time).

I just hope they can keep me excited beyond their issue 1's this time round.

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