Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dead Roots

So, recently I decided to go back to the archives (as in those many boxes of comics held under my desk) and start reading some stuff which I haven't read in a good long while.

However, I've since decided to hold off on that when I found a book which, despite owning for nearly three years, I've never actually read. Therefore, after almost two weeks (I really haven't had time to read much of late) I have finally completed the anthology series Dead Roots.

For those not in the know, Dead Roots is a collection of short stories from a large and varied selection of British small press creators brought together by awesome writer Mike Garley. These stories, while varying in plot and style, are all connected by a singular premise; zombies (or 'walking dead' if you prefer).

Now, after reading it I've got to admit that anthologies, while somewhat of a non-entity these days in mainstream comics, are still fantastic part of the comic medium, to which Dead Roots is no exception. I really enjoyed this book as not only did it give me access to work of creators whose talents I'd not encountered before (as well as many I do know, and whose work I enjoy), but it was also surprisingly consistent, with almost all of the stories inside reading so well, looking so good and, generally, pulling me in and keeping me hooked.

Of course, not all the stories were that great, as some were faltered by the story and others by the art. But, in my opinion, that was more down to my personal tastes than any technical problems as, regardless, the book was so flawlessly executed that I'm kind of kicking myself that I waited so long to pick up this book.

But, in the end, I did and I'm glad to have done so. Dead Roots is yet another reminder to me as to why anthologies are so good and necessary in comics, especially when they are made this well.

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