Friday, 30 November 2012

FF #1 is far from Fantastic (Four)!!!

So, this week's light week for my buy pile saw the release of Marvel Now's most newest entrant to it's banner, Matt Fraction's and Michael Allred FF #1, no longer starring the First family (well it was a little bit), but a new foursome who's connections run deep to the gang from the Baxter Building. However, unlike previous new release Fantastic Four #1, after reading this book a couple of times over, I was not as bowled over by this issue as I had been previously.
Following on from Fantastic Four's first issue, Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing have gone to speak with Ant-Man Scott Lang, Medusa of the inhumans, Johnny's girfriend Darla...(something) and She-Hulk Jennifer Walters respectively with an offer; Take over their position within the Fantastic Four and lead the Future Foundation for exactly 4 minutes (although it could be longer). Meanwhile, as these requests are made, all the members of the Future Foundation are being interviewed, giving their views and explaining what the FF is.
Now, this issue is obviously an introductionary issue (what issue 1 isn't?), but unlike Fantastic Four, FF #1 lacks the same kind of humour and light-heartedness that I found in the sister book. In fact the book, which is mostly an Ant-Man focused story, feels rather morbid as a result of its focus. Also, after reading it, I didn't feel that the book went anywhere or that I learned anything new about the characters or the world. In fact, the stand-out part was the Bentley/Dragon Man interview, which was hilarious (I'd totally read a solo book starring just these guys. Just saying). The art by Michael and Laura Allred didn't help matters, with the book looking and feeling very much like a children's book. In fairness, given the characters included this might have been what was going for, and there wasn't anything inherently wrong with the work, it just didn't appeal to me and took some of the enjoyment of reading.
After the enjoyment I felt of the final issues of the last FF run and the first issue of Fantastic Four by Fraction, this is a bit of a disappointment. That said, I'm in two minds whether to give the book one more chance or drop it for superior titles (See Indestructible Hulk). A part of me suspects that improvements will be apparent next time, but I'm just not sure if I wanna risk the money to find out.

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