Monday, 12 November 2012

This weeks comics (finally)

After a bit of a wait (damn life getting in the way), I was finally able to get round to reading the books I picked up this week and it was a mixed bag as to what was good, what was bad and what was just plain average.
First up, I read Uncanny X-Force #33 which continued seeing Wolverine and his gang of assassins trying to stop Daken and the brotherhood from corrupting Apocalypse clone Evan from being corrupted. Sadly it didn't seem to be going well with the gang separated and AOA Nightcrawler selling his allies out for a shot at revenge.
That said, despite how exciting it sounds, I could really take or leave this issue. Now I don't there is anything with the issue itself, with Rick Remender still writing the crap out of the book and Phil Noto's art looking better with each passing month. However, I don't worry that the story is overly long and in the age of advanced solicits, the suspense is removed a little. Overall, Uncanny X-Force is a greats read, but I suspect, based on this, that the end of Remender's run might fall flat.
After that though, I received a pleasant surprise when reading Earth 2 #6 which, finishing off the books first arc, saw the Flash, Green Lantern and the gang finish off the threat of Solomon Grundy (like there was ever any doubt, so this isn't a spoiler), while Sloan continued to be a dark presence behind the scenes.
To be fair, while issue 5 wasn't really that bad, I found the issue 6 was so much better. The story was much tighter and more engrossing and the had a far quicker pace than before, which is what's needed during an action scene. The resolution of the villain was a unique twist while the final panel also defied conventions, which I really liked. I'm glad the James Robinson decided to try something a little different than what I was expecting.
I then continued the reading of quality with Harvest #4, which brought Ben face to face with his former employers after he goes after their clients to secure justice for the victims of his organ harvesting. However things (naturally) don't go to plan and end up with Ben on the run with an organ that needs a recipient, who's been kidnapped and, oh yeah, he's been shot as well.
I gotta admit that I love this book, with A.J. Lieberman not only upping the ante, but also beating the crap out of his protagonist. With one issue left, I'm totally intrigued as how this is all gonna end, which is how all great stories should be written.
Sadly, my run of reading good comics came back to earth with a thud after that when I got to Action Comics #13, which saw Superman travel to Mars to defend a colony from attacking Metaleks, who happen to be running from something far worse; the Multiitude.
Unfortunately, this story did nothing to entertain me. After issue 13 and the issue zero I though this title had turned a corner but now I suspect that Morrison is sacrificing the option of staying true to the main character and offering him appropriate challenges in favour of employing his own agendas. Though the final pages offer the opening to the conclusion of his run, I think it is too little too late for a run that's been just terrible.
Thankfully, after that harrowing read, Daredevil End of Days #2 rectified the situation and brought hope back to my day, with Ben Urich continuing his investigation into the death of Daredevil and trying to find out who or what is "Mapone". This lead him to interactions with important people from Murdock's past (and even Nick Fury).
Now I'm not the biggest fan of Brian Bendis, but the guy can write one hell of a Daredevil story. After the somewhat long winded setup of issue 1, issue 2 told a story that was intriguing, gave as many questions as answers and even gave me some insight into the marvel U on the whole in the future. With the final confrontation possibly leading to Urich's end, I'm looking forward to next months instalment.
And so that was it. Five comics which gave me the good, bad and ugly in varying degrees. To be honest, not a bad week (except for Action Comics). Just bring on next week and the new start of Fantastic Four.

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