Monday, 14 October 2013

Comics for the week: 09-Oct-2013

This week has been a bit of a small week when it's come to what needed picking up from my pull list and so I figured I'd just write about them together and save myself some time. The pick ups were, overall, pretty good with Think Tank #10, which is a damn good series that I was totally looking forward to, and America's got Powers #7, which finally (after a VERY long time since the first issue's release) saw the conclusion to Jonathan Ross' first (that I know of) foray into comics.

Firstly, Think Tank #10, which picked up where #9 left off, with David having been capture by his own superiors and locked up in a secret base (how very James Bond of him). However, with some help from an old friend, David breaks out and gets ready to save his girl and escape his employers once and for all, unaware that they intend to permanently fire him as a scapegoat for the fallout that has come from the use of his genetic weapon previously.

Now, after a shaky start (I'm not sure the opening press release would be wholly realistic. Do Governments really tell the world about secret military operations?) Think Tank continued to go strong, appearing to go back to the premise that originally enticed me to the book; escaping!!! Matt Hawkins and Rashal Ekedal continue to do sterling work with this book as the story really has me hooked as well as art thatis just beautiful and, i think, surpasses most other books on the shelves. Stuff I read online (as well as Hawkins own notes in the back pages) imply that the end may be near for Think Tank, and I after reading this I wonder if this is the first issue that gets the ball rolling toward the finale. Well, whether it is or isn't is regardless, I keep loving this book and so I'll be back next month for the next issue.

On the other hand, the same can't be said for the other book I picked up, as America's Got Powers #7 is the finale of a mini-series that (I think) has taken longer to release than a lot of full length ongoings. To explain the whole story would take a while (plus after taking so long, I'm not sure I remember it all), but in America people have been given superpowers and placed in a battle Royale type event. However, things get out of hand when one kid gives absolute power to another guy, who then threatens the world to bow to him. This is where this issue picks up, with the Military about ready to blow this super-powered folks off the map, Tommy Watts (the as mentioned 'one kid') must use his latent power to prevent world war 3.

Just from writing that feels like my brain dumped a way too much info. Now I previously said that this week was pretty good, but when I reference that to this comic, it is simply because it is now over. I don't know if I just lost enthusiasm due to the long wait between issues, but reading this was a chore and didn't really feel like a decent enough pay off at the end. In fact, the final page simply made it out that this series was a pointless prelude to something similiar that will occur in a sequel series. In the end the only thing I liked about this series at the end was the art, although Bryan Hitch's work alone is not worth the time I've had to wait. In the end though, I'm happy with the issue because the series is over and I can now bag it, back it and box it.

So, yeah, in the end I kinda lied at the start. In terms of quality the week wasn't that good as only half the books were worth reading. But, then again, the other half I don't have to pick up again so I count that as a plus (though it would have been better if I didn't have a real need to complete series that turn out bad).

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