Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Daredevil: Life after Mark Waid?

Ok, so I don't know if it is true or false but it seems, having just read this this, Mark Waid's critically acclaimed run on Daredevil is coming to an end.
Daredevil #1. Where it all began
Now, there isn't any guarantee that this is true as, though Bleeding Cool's source is the Daredevil letter pages at the back of the comic, the way it is written could hint at some more subtle meaning (though I've got to admit, I don't know what). Therefore, it could simply be that Bleeding Cool are just making smoke and panicking me.

But, if it is true, where do I go from here......

I have to ask myself the question, in light of my planning to reduce the size of my pull list, is Mark Waid (and, presumably, Chris Samnee)'s departure a got time for me to jump ship from the Man without Fear's main title? I'm severely tempted, and here's why:
Waid gave us everything,
including new villains
Since coming on board, Mark Waid has created the boss of all comic books. It is without a doubt the best thing you can read on shelves at the moment, immensely surpassing anything else in quality, story, tone, you name it. I've got to admit that this book has been so good that I'm not sure anyone can come along and beat it, which forms the main foundation of my dilemma. I like Daredevil, a lot. Both the book and the character mean a lot to me (possibly more than Fantastic Four, surprisingly) and yet, if this is the best Daredevil story I've read (which is entirely possible) then the only way to go, quality wise, is down.
If Waid's going, so to must
 Samnee (I guess)
I saw it before with Fantastic Four (twice), most notably with the end of Jonathan Hickman's run. Hickman wrote a fantastic (pardon the pun), epic story during his time with the first family and, for me, it was a work of art that his successor, Matt Fraction just failed to live up to. As a result, Fraction's run has not impressed (as I've mentioned previously), causing me to consider dropping the book due to it not entertaining me.

So, with that in mind, should I stay on Daredevil and have my heart broken (again)? I could be wrong and the next creative team either maintain a similar quality level (or even surpass it)? Well, yeah, that is a possibility, but is it worth taking the risk when the alternative is the decimation of my appreciation for this book due to shoddy sub-standard storytelling? So, for Daredevil, is there life after Mark Waid? I hope so but, given past experience, I doubt it.



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