Monday, 7 October 2013

Review: All New X-men special #1

This week I decided to do something a little different. It's a very rare occasion when I pick up a comic book that isn't usually on my pull list and it's an even rarer occasion that I pick up a comic that is part of crossover, but this month I found myself tempted for the Arms of the Octopus story that is being brought out across three separate specials. Therefore, this week saw the start of that story with the release of the All New X-men special #1.

The story comes from the perspective of (the younger, blue fur less) Hank McCoy who, along with the east of the original X-men (sans Angel), has travelled to the heart of New York City to take in the sights. However, while seeing the world of the future, chatting up young ladies and visiting old professors, Hank and the gang are attacked by the original Dr Octopus, Otto Octavious. Now this might seem like a not so strange occurrence, except that Ock is dead and his soul is currently housed within the body of the Superior Spider-man, who just happens to be in the area to help and is none too pleased with this new Doc Ock showing up.
I gotta be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting when I picked up this issue, but in the end I'm glad I did. Writer Mike Costa (who I haven't honestly never seen any previous work of) comes up trumps with this story with the youthful Hank making an incredibly charming lead above all the other X-men. After years of dead Jeans, Blue Hanks and evil Scotts, I found it nice to revisit the original cast with a very 'time gone by' attitude that appeared here. This was probably helped by Kris Anka and Jordie Belaire's work on the art, which has a very simple, elegant, 'yesteryear' look. It is truly gorgeous collaboration and I'm kinda hoping that they are working on all three for their beautiful art isn't limited to the past x-men but to the present day Spider-man who is a joy to look at and read. Costa has written this guy in a truly creepy, arrogant manner that I just love to hate while Anka and Belaire have somehow made him look ultra modern while the rest of the book keeps that elegant days gone look. If Spidey is written and drawn like this in the series proper then I'm tempted to pick up those back issues.

Hank certainly knows how to impress a girl
That said, there was still some room for improvement, particularly in the characterisation of the other X-men, who feel a bit two dimension against the fully fleshed Hank. Also, Ock and Spidey's motives and connections could have been better explained, instead of hoping the reader knows what is going on elsewhere (good thing I read on the internet). However, I guess that would require a much larger issue than what £2.99 could afford, although hopefully the other two specials that complete this story will be able to emphasisea mere fleck on some of these problems.
Overall though, this is a fun little issue, which not only makes me wonder where the story will go from her, but also teases the the appearance of the final hero to have a special grace this arc. Indestructible Hulk special #1 comes out in a couple of weeks to continue the story and I'm looking forward to see if it will maintain this great start to the story. I can only hope I guess.

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