Thursday, 20 November 2014

Comic publishers are clearing my pull list for me.

So, two things happened to me this week.

The first, was early on (like Monday) when I decided that I would let many of the series I collect reach their end before I started picking up any new books. The reason was simple; I'd gotten completely frustrated with having to stay within my budget while picking up current books I was enjoying and choosing new books which looked awesome. I needed a clean slate.

Then, ironically, the second thing happened; the February solicits were released which announced, amongst other things, that Daredevil #13 is the beginning of the final story by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.


In truth, as terrible news as it is, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Waid and (to a lesser extent) Samnee have been on the book for quite a while and, while their first volume was truly awesome, I haven't found this recent run to be as good (though still good).

The thing that makes me laugh (or rather smirk in a humourous manner) is that barely a week after thinking point 1 that point 2 occurs.

Is someone reading my mind?

And this isn't the only book from my pull list coming to an end. In the last few months it has been announced that, from my list, Fantastic Four, Earth 2, Earth 2 World's End and Batgirl are all ending by April (Earth 2 and Batgirl, the latter still being on probation with me, are on hiatus during Convergence), with Alex + Ada (presuming it doesn't continue beyond the expected 15 issues) concluding by June. And now with Daredevil ending, this sees my pull list shrink to only three books; Black Science, Copperhead and Lazarus.

This is fortunate timing for me as it allows my pull list to be cleared out and lets me to focus on rebuilding my montly purchases. It also releases me from my years-old problem of struggling to let go of books I'm not enjoying just to because I might miss something after I've stopped reading it, which has always been an issue when it comes to dropping comics which aren't cutting it with me.

Therefore, I just have to say thank you to Marvel and DC (and to a lesser extent Image) for this confluence of events which has allowed my pull list to be naturally culled so it can be remade going forward as leaner, smarter, better. I just hope some of your future books meet those standards.

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