Saturday, 29 November 2014

Novembers comics (most of them anyway).

Prior to last Saturday, it had been more than three weeks since I'd been to my local comic shop to pick up the print issues from my pull list, quite posibly the longest amount of time I've gone without picking up my stash (I'm honestly amazed I didn't get the shakes from withdrawal). However, on the plus side, this long wait meant it wasn't only a one or two issue pickup, but seven whole comics (though, admittedly, three were from the same series) for me to go through and keep the fun going for a litle bit longer.

So, without further adieu, here's what I have been reading this past week:

First up has been Lazarus #13, which has got to be one of my favourite comic books at the moment. While this issue did little to advance the plot which dominates the books third arc (following the reveal at the end of the previous installment, I thought this was still a fantastic issue thanks to the detailed portayal into the various Lazari, giving insight into just what interesting characters they are in their own right, not to mention the beautifully stylised art that was perfect in every panel. Though the solicits have given me an idea as to where this arc is going to go(bye bye Joaquim), it doesn't change just how much I want to read the next issue right now.

Instead, I was then treated to Daredevil #10, which may not have been the best comic series in my eyes since the characters move to San Fransisco but was without a doubt the best single issue I've read this month (or most others). The reason for this, again, isn't the plot (though that was good) but how Waid and Samnee depicted depression throughout. THIS is what made this issue great for me as, being a depression sufferer, it nailed perfectly exactly how it feels when you get to your lowest ebb as well as giving narrative to parts of the suffering which can't be described accurately. I loved this book immensely because of this and anyone who wants an insight into depression (or specifically my mind) should read it.

Next up I read Batgirl #36, which continued the Babs relocation to Burnside while she faced a couple of motorbike stealing, manga cosplaying assassins. Unfortunately, as beautiful as the art is (and I think it's gorgeous) and as good as the story is, I just couldn't get into the book. This is annoying because there isn't any real reason to dislike this title and both the art and writing are top notch. My only assumption is that I can't relate to the college student characterisation, although the overall mystery big bad is what is keeping me on board, for now.

So I continued on to Fantastic Four #13, which continued the first family's downfall, but began their return with Ben Grimm's prison escape, while Reed Richards' captor forces his help with the abduction of the FF kids. Unfortunately for me, this issue really started off confusing with action panels everywhere which didn't seem to mesh with what I remember from the prior installment. That said, the title did improve as it moved to Ben's prison break and set up the team's rise from the ashes. While issue 13 was a little off putting, with only five issues left, I'm confident that Robinson and Kirk can cap off the series well. Therefore I'm considering this a blip.

Meanwhile, the same might not be the same after reading Earth 2: World's End #'s 6, 7 & 8, which continued the Earth 2's heroes battle with Apokolips for survival. Issues 6 and 7 were very difficult to read and with so much jumping about between the various story points making it hard to care about what is going on. However, issue 8 was a much better affair as it felt a lot more interesting and was much more cohesive and put together, made more enjoyable to me with the art of the last few pages as the Flash searched for his mother. Overall, I'm in the fence with World's End and, while I doubt I'll drop it before it end, I do hope issue 8 is a turning point.

And so, that was my November (well, most of it) and while it started off well, I felt that the quality trailed off with each comic I read. Maybe it's a case of reading too much in one go and I need to cut down the numbers (or buy more regularly) but hopefully it's more a case that I'm not giving the books I struggle with the proper attention. Maybe the December issues will be more on my wavelength.

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