Thursday, 9 April 2015

How I came to love Daredevil.

The new netflix series of Daredevil is released tomorrow, and I couldn't be any more excited if I tried. This confused my wife somewhat when she asked me if I'd seen the new Avengers trailer and I said 'maybe, but I'm more excited for Daredevil'.

In truth, Daredevil is awesome and I'm proud to admit I think he is a better Batman than Batman actually is (I will expect hate mail now).

So, in preparation for this new series, I (like everyone else) is reading a load of the back issues to get into the groove. But, as I was reading the Bendis run, it reminded me of how I got into the character.

I don't remember the year to be fair, it must have been 2004 (though it could have been later), but at the time comics weren't in big supply to me as all I could find was whatever Panini stuff WHSmiths' was selling (I think that was Avengers, Spidey and X-Men). Around this time most of my friends were off at uni and, one weekend, I decided to visit one of them.

Upon arrival we hung out for a bit before heading back to theirs for a quick pit stop. On the way, they mentioned a local comic book store (which I don't recall what it was called) which intrigued me greatly enough to (I think) literally beg to go and see it, to which my friend relented and agreed.

And so after the pit stop, we checked out this LCS and, though it looked a bit sparse compared to many I've seen as I've gotten older, the guy behind the counter really knew his stuff. For after a look around, unsure what to get, I asked for suggestions and he pointed toward the Bendis run of Daredevil, specifically the Underboss, Out, Lowlife and Hardcore arcs. This was where my love of the character came from.

I recall devouring those books on the train home and beyond and can safely say that the rest of my collection, DD and otherwise, owes its existence to these books. The dark, grainy panels along with grim, brutal story were just gold and, while Waid's current run is awesome, these four book were, and still are, the quintessential portrayal of the man without fear.

If this new series is even a little bit like Bendis' run which I initially read then I can say with certainty that they'd have a guaranteed fan in me. Either way though I'm sure I'll love it because it's Daredevil and, if you haven't guessed by now, Daredevil is Awesome!!!

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