Saturday, 18 April 2015

What Marvel's Daredevil should have done with Ben Urich (Spoilers are here!!)

So, it's taken me a bit of time (probably longer than most other people), but I've reached the finale of the Daredevil series on Netflix. And with that a big mind-blowing revelation has occurred. The truth is I don't like what happened and think it was a major misstep by an otherwise stellar series.

But rather than rant, I want to say real quick what should have happened instead:

(Spoilers ahead so if you haven't watched it, stop reading)

(You non-watchers gone? No? Well, get out of here!!!)

Ok, here goes.....

So, in the penultimate episode, Ben Urich was fired from his job at the newspaper for getting too close and subsequently got killed off by the kingpin. It's a shame because Urich is a great character and I worry his comic book version will now be following (such is Marvel's way).

However, what I think should have happened would have been a little different, and closer to the comics.

Ben Urich got fired, yeah fine, whatever. That's ok with me because what should have then happened was that Ben went home to write what he'd learned on a blog he would create and would have been successful.

And that site would have been call Frontline!!!

Now that would have been cool.

Of course it isn't going to happen now and what did transpire makes sense, from a storytelling point of view.

But it's nice to dream right?

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