Thursday, 2 April 2015

Review: Chunks #1 - The comics that never was

I read a lot of comics and more and more of them are coming from Indie creators, most of whom I meet at conventions.  I always take it as a given that they exist and until very recently I never really focus on where this comics come from and how they make their way into my hands.

Of course, most of these books are made from Kickstarters and the pledges of funds by people like me, fans who think they deserve making. I myself have pledged to a fair few and they have all been successes.

Of course, there are those which don't get that far, even if they deserve it more than any other comic book.
Dejected, it looks like the Chunks gang are heading home
after this Kickstarter,. I hope they'll be back.
Art by Cris Canfailla

Ladies and gents, Chunks is quite possibly one of those.

Despite, the kickstarter ending only recently, writer Matt Garvey has gifted me (along with everyone who pledged) a pdf of the first issue, of which I've read and I'll tell you this. It is a hilarious book.

Following the exploits of the Pineapple Chunks, a punk rock band fronted by Brit Johnny and starring Rik, Bo, Milo and their roadie/driver/fan Dave, this book follows them as they try to make it as a band and the hi jinks and problems they land themselves in.

To say any more would spoil too much, but I have got to admit that loved this book from cover to cover, laughing constantly to many of the stupid situations the band find themselves. If you follow Matt Garvey on Twitter, you notice quickly that he has a wicked sense of humour (I'd accurately describe him as the comeback king because when you tweet he provides really awesome...well...comebacks) and that obviously translates to these pages, which are riddled with a very British humour. Also, each of the characters are well written and each supply their own brand of the funny.

Meanwhile the art by Cris Canfailla suits this comic's sensibility to a T. The lines and colours give further credibility to this deserving to be a great English comic as they are very reminiscent of things like the Beano and Dandy, only at a far higher quality.

In the end, this kickstarter failing is a blow to fans of comics that are heavy on humour, which I think is in short supply when I look on shelves these days. Hopefully, if my opinion does anything (assuming people actually read this) it helps the next time this book sets up a kickstarter to the point that it succeeds.

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