Friday, 5 June 2015

I had an idea!!

Over the last couple of years, I've been blessed with the opportunities to meet and interact with some truly fantastic indie comic creators. As a result of these encounters, I've ended up reading a whole load of different books which I've dug.

Now, one of the benefits of reading these new types of books is that I get to dream up new wacky ideas and stories involving their worlds and characters. In fact, I recently came up with a really fun idea using the characters from seven different books created by many of those folks I've encountered and, after having a Twitter convo with some of them earlier today, I figured I'd write it down here and share it.

So, here's my idea......... get ready..............

I thought that a indie comic superhero team up book should be created (yes, I'd just watched Avengers 2 when I first had this idea) starring the following stars of indie comics I've come across:
Red Mask from Mars from the comic of the same name by Vince Hunt,
Joe Cape from his own comic of the same name by Sam Webster,
Kitty Hawk from the comic book Razorhawk by Ian Matthews and Dani Abram,
and The Midnight Man from the self titled book by Mo Ali and Andy Bloor.

These characters are all cool characters and share either a light tone or a quirky sense of humour. Also, between them they are two government agents who fight monsters, a member of a super-powered AA, and a time travelling Deadpool type so I think, together they have the skill set to fight something really massive.

And by massive I mean an invasion of the Sentient Zombie Space Pigs as created Lizzie and Conor Boyle of disconnected press.

The basic premise would be that when the zombie space pigs outbreak gets out of control, government agents Kitty Hawk and Red Mask are separately despatched to contain the trouble, while Joe Cape is called by large numbers of customers complaining of monsters. Eventually, they all come together along with the Midnight Man, who arrives after finding his way into a future full of zombie space pigs and travels back to stop it. The end of this story then becomes a standard Avengers like battle to save the world.

Finally, this story would include Little Easter eggs like a radio playing music by the Chunks (a funny comic by Matt Garvey and Cris Cianfialla) and a newspaper report about archaeologists finding Victorian aged Vespa parts as referencing A Heart of Time (an adorable story by Sarah Millman).

Obviously, these notes alone don't make a story and while I have some vague ideas to further this along, it still isn't enough. But also, these characters don't belong to me and so, if such a story should ever be made, it should be done by one of those creators.

So, here's my idea to you guys and girls to do with as you wish. What do you think?

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