Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Support Project Autumn!!

So, I’ve already written one post this week and I had intended to write weekly so to pace myself and spread out my thoughts instead of hammering them all out and then going months with nothing to say. However, seeing as this topic is a time sensitive subject I figured to hell with pacing and simply get it out there.

And this time sensitive project is a Kickstarter project called Project Autumn and it needs you support!!!

Now, the story behind Project Autumn (which can probably be better explained on the Kickstarter page directly) is simple. Adam-James Foulkes, a comic book creator and writer of Far from Faith whom I met at True Believers earlier this year, has created this new title following an adventure which spans many different worlds/realities. However, what makes this different from any other comic that has a Kickstarter running is that Project Autumn doesn’t have one artist, but ten!! Each world which the story enters will be drawn by a different artist and their equally different styles.

The artists included are Emma Vieceli, Nich Angell, Lynne Triplett, Nikki Stu, Matt Dyson, Daniela 'iella' Attard, Ade Brown, Phil Buckenham, Davy Shirley and a tenth 'mystery' artist.

Now, to me, this is a fantastic concept which isn’t utilised anywhere near as much as it should be. While most books with differing artists are anthologies, each telling their own stories, single stories with multiple artists are a novelty and, when they do happen, they usually involve artists whose styles are similar otherwise the story is disrupted. Here, there are legitimate grounds to alternate between the drastically different aesthetics.

Also, the talent involved is some of the best in British Indie (in my opinion anyway)!!!

Then, of course, there is the writer, and driving force of this project. Having had an in depth discussion with A-J Foulkes when we met, he came across as someone with enthusiasm for comics which equal to mine, but far greater ambition and talent. He’s a smart guy and while I’ve had similar ideas to this in the past, he struck me as someone who could actually make something like this (and this idea did briefly come up when we spoke) a reality with ease.

And look at that, he did!!!

With just over half a month to go, this book needs help in becoming a reality. I’ve seen good books miss out before and I really hope it doesn’t happen here. So if anyone reads this (I know a couple of people do…for some reason), please click on this link and help put a great idea into my hands and give me some more good stuff to read.

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