Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What happens if (or more likely when) Jessica Jones succeeds?

So, it’s become pretty apparent to me (and pretty much the rest of the world) that the Daredevil Netflix series was unequivocal success. I mean, in the last couple of months Season 2 has been fast tracked for the same time next year with news of Bullseye and Elektra being added and now, this week, Jon Bernthal has been cast to appear as the Punisher.


This is all awesome news because that season was absolutely freaking brilliant!!!


However, what has me concerned was that I read (somewhere) of Kevin Feige (Marvel’s movie big gun) stating that they were hoping to produce two to three of these Netflix series over the next few years. Now next year will see Daredevil’s second season, Luke Cage and Iron Fist with the Defenders and (presumably) Daredevil season 3 in 2017.


Ok, that’s cool, but here’s my question: What happens if Jessica Jones becomes as big a success as Daredevil?


You remember Jessica Jones right? Marvel’s second Netflix show which is due out in a few months? Now, while I was lukewarm about this series, mainly because I didn’t know the character, the quality of Daredevil has me more excited for it and if that’s the same train of thought for every fan who watched Daredevil then Jessica Jones (no longer with the a.k.a) is going to smash everything (maybe including Daredevil).


This is a good thing and yet I worry that when it does succeed what will become of a season 2?


Will it get fast tracked like Daredevil, being slotted for the following year? If so what happens to Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Defenders? Presumably they will be pushed further and further back, though I suspect (or it could be more hope) that won’t happen.


Maybe Marvel will decide to risk adding JJS2 to next year’s already massive roster. Now I have to say that watching four Marvel tv shows would be awesome (despite only a month being spent watching them in total), but I don’t think Marvel would do that as they always seem pretty set on sticking to plans.


So the more probable option (in my head anyway) is that JJ’s second season would be pushed to the end of the current plans, meaning a late 2017 return.


I have to say, that if it’s anything like Daredevil, that would seriously suck!!! I also think it would be a bad move as female superheroes are pretty thin on the ground at present when it comes to headlining their own projects and so holding it back after being successful would feel like a major back step for that.


Of course, this is all just an opinion at present. So maybe I should just not worry for now and look forward to the 13 episode goodness to come that is season 1.

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