Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My top five comics of February.

So, once again I'm running a bit behind writing another 'Top 5 for the month' post In truth, after the last week having consisted of losing a friend, losing my job (which thankfully I replaced) and suffering from awful migraines, writing has taken a little bit of back seat of late.
Thankfully, however, the world now seems to have (for the most part) righted itself and as I've got a spare five minutes, I figured I'd write this post now because, frankly, I had so much fun writing one for January, I didn't want to just give it up after one go.
So, without further adieu, here is my top five for February:
5. Batgirl #40 - I'm a little surprised with this entry, but given that most of the rest of this months books were a bit of a let down, it was really the only option to take the final slot. While Batgirl #39 certainly followed on from the improved past issue compared to the three issues prior, it still felt like it had dropped in the story's quality. Of course, Babs Tarr's artwork continues to look awesome here, while the reveal of the arc's big bad along with how Black Canary's depicted are the books highlights (Canary totally deserves her own ongoing). With an issue left before Convergence, I'm in two minds whether this book will remain on my pull list upon the events end, but it certainly could be going the right way for the final issue.
4. Darth Vader #1 - after the successful start of the main Star Wars book (which, ironically, faltered with issue 2), my local LCS suggested the first issue of its sister book, Darth Vader, which followed the dark lord as he is dispatched to make a trade deal with Jabba the Hutt. However, Vader sees this less as a mission and more an opportunity to discover the secret dealings of the emperor and the identity of a certain X-wing pilot. Much like Jason Aaron did, Kieron Gillen really writes a fantastic first issue which really looks to set up a compelling first arc. With that and some great art, I find myself seriously tempted to pick up the second issue.
2. Lazarus #15 - this entry was a tough call because I couldn't say which got second and which got third place (it was that close), but Lazarus once again knocked it out of the park with yet another tremendous issue which saw an epic battle of Lazari between Forever and someone she is close to. In this issue, Rucka takes a back seat, allowing Michael Lark's art to elevate the book, and does it do so in spades. While the battle's end was a bit of a let down, the final cliffhanger more than made up for it and makes me eager for the next issue to resolve what has happened.
2. Fantastic Four #643 - the second of the 'joint second' entries, Fantastic Four is really becoming something great under James Robinson and Leonard Kirk as we head towards the end. This issue sees the Quiet Man begin the invasion of the monsters from Franklin's universe, just as the FF come back together with the plan to save the day by entering Franklin's dreams. Robinson really knows how to write these characters and, despite being something of filler issue, he imbues it with so much fun and heart that I can't get enough. It's sad that it's ending, but I'm glad Fantastic Four is ending with a bang, as this issue helps prove.
1. Daredevil #13 - For me, top slot this month had to go Daredevil because it is just truly awesome. This issue saw more of Daredevil's inner struggle with happiness as he worked to protect those he loves from his enemies who might be targeting him, although he is in for shock when he discovers the identity of this month's villain. Of course, what I like about this book, once again, isn't based on the plot but the art, which is still as tremendous as three plus years back (Samnee will be so missed), and the writing of the characters, from Matt's descent, to his friends differing support (oh, and Kirsten McDuffie needs her own ongoing too). When Waid and Samnee leave Daredevil it'll break my heart, but I'm glad about how good the book is until then.
So, that was it. In truth, it was a bit difficult to make this list as most of this month's books failed to grab me like they did last month. But hey, it's been a stressful month, so maybe next month I'll pick up a load more exciting comics.

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