Friday, 13 March 2015

Review: 7String vol. 2 - the Clef strikes back!!!

Ok, first up, please note that the title of this post did actually take me a few minutes to think up.

That said, it kind of makes sense given my opinion of the first volume and it's similarities to that famous film series.

So, after reading Far from Faith and Midnight Man practically back to back, I figured I'd continue the trend of reading some indie comics, but this time returning to a series I had already started reading previously. Now, having read 7String volume 2, I am kind of wishing I had read it much sooner.

Following on from Volume 1, 7String's second instalment continues Zachary Briarpatch's quest for revenge on his mother's murderer as the world of Melodia around him falls to all out war. However, not considered strong enough, Zach has been travelling the world to get himself ready for the inevitable showdown. Meanwhile, other pieces begin to move across the board as Liph, Nette and Efex all making their way, independently towards their (obviously) fated meeting.

Now, while I liked volume 1, I have to say that volume 2 feels to be on a whole other level. Nich Angell has really taken the epicness to another level in this book as the story seems to take a darker turn. 7String feels like a book with a much tighter script, helped by a greater focus on the supporting characters as they start to (apparently) become more integral to the story. I would have to say that, after reading this, Nich's writing feels much more confident.

As for the art, well there is little I can say about it other than, much like its predecessor, this book looks totally awesome!! Identical to volume 1, the art here looks absolutely incredible, with the ethereal look continuing to imbue the fantasy aspect. Meanwhile the colours are loud and jump off the page, but also have a faded look to maintain its dreamlike charm.

In keeping with the Star Wars comparison, 7String volume 2 is most definitely the Empire Strikes Back to volume 1's a New Hope. It's bigger, darker, more desperate and, in my opinion better. I now can't wait for volume 3, though I hope it doesn't have any evokes in it.

(Oh, and more swords would be most welcome.)

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