Monday, 30 March 2015

My top five comics from March.

So March is over (well almost) and with it comes an hours less sleep (damn daylight savings) and the beginning of Convergence (well almost, but I don't really care about that).

While it's nice to see March go (it was too damn cold in the mornings), it's also a bit of a shame because this months comics really improved upon February's, despite there being no issue of Lazarus.

Nonetheless, I was still able to pick a top five, and here they are:

5. Fantastic Four #644 - I'm not sure if I gave this book 5th place because it was good or because I'm sentimental. However, despite there being very little of note actually happening, this issue was still pretty enjoyable as it saw the FF getting all the pieces in place for next months finale. What I enjoyed about it was just the fun little references which really felt like Robinson had mined the books long history, while the scene where the Thing took out a bad guy like he was swatting a fly is my favourite scene of any book and was drawn inch perfect by Kirk. It's a shame that it has to end, but because it's still just so much fun is the reason it just edged out in front of Daredevil #14.

4. Black Science #12 - It has been a good couple of months since I last saw an issue of this book and, while the previous installment left the story with a lot of questions to answer, this one just added even more depth, reminding me of how much I love what Remender is doing here. This issue saw some drama unfold thanks to the newly introduced Sara (or at least a version of her) while Grant's return is explained (in a way which makes me wonder if time displacement is a dimension hopping side-effect). Remender has really made this book more and more interesting with the intro of a world that hunts dimension hopping almost like it were witchcraft, as well as hinting that Rebecca may have had a hand in the events which started this series. Despite a bit of a wait, Black Science hasn't lost a beat. Bring on issue 13.

3. Batgirl #40 - And here it is; major upset of the month, again!!! I don't know what Messrs' Stewart, Fletcher and Tarr did with the final three issues of this first arc, but damn did they turn me around. This final issue of the first six part arc sees Batgirl come face to face with her nemesis; herself (well, a corrupted artificial intelligence version of herself). This cyber-Babs thinks criminals need to be dealt with before they act and so, using the books over-played social media angle, has brought everyone considered dangerous together to take them all out in one hit. What I loved about this issue was how it felt almost like a kid friendly version of Cap 2, right down to the social engineering angle and faux-Zola in a computer. Still the art continues to draw me in, while the depiction of Black Canary is the greatest thing this book has to offer (now being lost for her own ongoing). As a result of this issue, I'm going to be giving it one last chance after Convergence. Don't screw it up Babs!!

2. Alex + Ada #13 - The end is nigh and the action continues to ramp up!!! Alex + Ada continues to shine, even in a month of pretty awesome books. This issue continues on from the last page of the previous issue with Alex + Ada contacted to re-enter Degrees of Freedom with their friends after a message from a thought-missing ally. However, when it turns out to be a trap, the pair must do what they feared would happen; run. This issue, like all the others feels like a slow burn, despite the fast pace of the last few pages. However, the action is not what makes this book great but the dialogue, which in every panel does such a great job of tugging at my heart strings and making me love these characters and hate the circumstances they find themselves in. With two issues left I find myself wishing it wasn't going to end.

1. Descender #1 - The second I finished reading this title for a review on the Pipedream website, I knew exactly where it would place among all my books. Starting the story of a long child robot waking in a universe where robots are illegal after an attack by planet-sized celestial-like creations, this book was perfect from start to finish. Whether it was the story itself, which was engrossing, or the art which I loved and though was the most unique style I've ever seen, this book deserves its place as number one.

And so that is my March list. I've probably written a bit more than I planned, but it's nice to add a little more depth to why I liked these books. Hopefully the books that are continuing next month continue to shine, while Fantastic Four's finale is SO good that it makes number one (though with Descender, Alex + Ada and Lazarus I doubt it).

Nonetheless, this month has been a good month, following January's good and Feb's not so good. I hope this isn't the start of a pattern? Well, fingers crossed it isn't.

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