Friday, 20 March 2015

My wants from the June 2015 Solicits

Well, it took some doing, but I've finally gone through the June solicitations!

And with most of my books having ended in some fashion, and Convergence ending allowing a whole host of new series to start, there's a load of space to choose new books and a whole host to choose from.

And did I make one hell of a list!! Here it is:

Alex + Ada #15 (Image) - It's finally here! It's been an exciting journey but the final issue of Alex + Ada is upon us. Will they live happily ever after? I doubt it, but I'll tell you one thing, I'm not missing this issue.

Batgirl #41 (DC Comics) - Since the new creative team took over, Batgirl's been up and down. However, issue 40 was totally awesome and so I'm willing to give this book one last chance.

Bat-Mite #1 (DC Comics) - This is a book which feels a little out of left field for me, but, given my recent loss of faith in standard superhero books, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Bizarro #1 (DC Comics) - Pretty much word for word the same as for Bat-mite. However, they say it's like Harley Quinn, which everyone says is great. Can't think of a better argument to taking a look.

Black Canary #1 (DC Comics) - The best thing about the first six issues of Batgirl is Brenda Fletcher's fantastic depiction of Black Canary. Now the character gets her own book with Fletcher writing. Yeah, I'm in!

Black Hammer #1 (Dark Horse) - A superhero team trapped on a farm after a crisis-like event. The premise itself sounds intriguing to me, but given it's written by Jeff Lemire, whose Descender I recently read and loved, makes it even more of a lure.

Black Science #15 (Image) - From the solicits, it sounds like this is the beginning of the end. If that's the case then, this book has been one hell of a ride. Besides that, Rebecca's past has been played up recently and this issue might explain to me why.

Copperhead #8 (Image) - It's been a while since I read an issue of Copperhead, but the first five issues have given no reason not to come back for more. Besides, they promise more Boo, so win win.

Descender #4 (Image) - I read the first issue this week and I'm hooked. I don't care what happens in issue four, if it's even half as good as issue one, I'm getting it!

Dr Fate #1 (DC Comics) - I've always been a fan of Dr Fate (I think he looked cool in Smallville), and enjoyed his appearances in Earth 2. Now a new character is taking the title (who I hope is Kent Nelson) and I wanna give this book a shot to impress.

Earth 2: Society #1 (DC Comics) - This is an underdog book as Earth 2 and Earth 2: World's End haven't impressed. However, it's a new start for the book and so I wanna give the first issue the chance to redeem the title's reputation.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #1 (DC Comics) - I'm a big fan of John Stewart and Kilowog. I'm also a fan of Lost in Space. Merging the two together makes me wanna check this book out.

Green Lantern #41 (DC Comics) - It's been a long time since I've read a Green Lantern comic but the idea that The universe's top cop is now a fugitive is an interesting idea. Therefore, I wanna give it a shot.

Lazarus #18 (Image) - A consistent top five book in my opinion, I'm looking forward to all out war in this book. Issue 18 will be the second part of the arc, so no way will I be missing it!

Martian Manhunter #1 (DC Comics) - A book starring the Martian Manhunter? About damn time! That's all I'm going to say.

And that's it. A long list (for me) and the first time DC has had so many books on my pull list since the new 52 started. No doubt some won't appeal and will get dropped before July, but it'll be nice to have such a large stack of comics to get through.

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