Sunday, 8 March 2015

Review: Far from Faith #1

Well, it's been a month, but I've finally found time to start reading some of the small press books I picked up at True Believers (helps that I'm at the in-laws this weekend, away from distractions like tv and xbox).

So, with a large pile from that con to go through, I figured I'd start with Far From Faith, the last book I picked up on the day by (writer) Adam-James Faulkes and (artist) Lynne Triplett and produced by Brambletyne. 

Far From Faith tells the story of Helen Wisse, a government worker who, upon her boss's death is given his job to evaluate a secret operation for continued funding. So, starting the eval from scratch, Helen travels to the operation's base, the house, to get a hands on look courtesy of Mr Bailey, the ops' chief. However, Bailey has ulterior motives for this op and secrets he is keeping from Helen, secrets he's been holding since long before he got the job.

Now, I'd say how I've described this book makes it sound very thriller-esque (the genre, not the music video) and, I've got to say it is. While the story is a little confusing, with cards in this issue seemingly kept close to the chest as very little is explained about what the secret organisation does or what Bailey's actually working on/for etc, I do like the air of mystery which Far from Faith seems to invoke. It's Safe to say that this book has left me with a lot of questions which I need answering, such as 'who's the girl at the start?' And 'what is being worked on by Bailey and the House?' Which I think is the best way to entice people to come back for more, which it has certainly done with me.

Of course, I gotta say what I really love about this book and is Lynne Triplett's artwork. I mean the art in this title is just so gorgeous that I could happily look at it all day long ( though I can't as other books need reading). Triplett applies a very unique style which I've don't think I've ever seen in another comic book, Reminding of something that's a variant of some Japanese/anime inspired cartoon. However, this doesn't come across as cartoony, with each panel having a much more stylised with dark, moody colours which really add to a rather creepy, secretive atmosphere. I'm a little shocked I haven't seen her stuff before now.

Honestly, I find Far from Faith's first issue to be rather interestingwhile also looking extremely beautiful. After the conversation I had with both of them at True Believers about comics in general and specifically with Adam-James about his plans going forward, I'm compelled to see where this story goes in issue 2 and how it builds from here. Besides, who wouldn't want to see more of this art, because I sure do!!!

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  1. I know Lynne and she's working on her own comic as well, so you have that to look forward well!