Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Comic Book Reviews: 06/02/2013 - Snapshot #1

Finally! After putting off reading this for other (domestic) activities, I've eventually been able to read Snapshot #1, the long-awaited mini-series (well, by me anyway) by The creators of the Losers, Andy Diggle and Jock.
The first issue introduced Jake Dobson, a shop assistant in a comic book shop (how apt) who, upon finding a Mobile phone, has his life turned upside down when he finds pictures of a murder on said phone, and the hitman apparently wanting it back.
After reading this, the only word that sprung to mind was 'WOW'. This story was so tense and exciting from start to finish that I couldn't have stopped myself reading it even if I'd wanted to. With a devilishly compelling plot and terrifically interesting characters (the opening sequence of banter in the comic book shop was so much fun, it reminded me of every time I've ever picked up my comic stash) this book was cover to cover awesome
And this was only made more so by the art. I've gotta admit, I've not seen much of the legend that is Jock's work, but after reading this I'm gonna! The work was so visceral and full of energy I had trouble believing the panels didn't literally jump from the page.
In the last six months I've read a lot of good books; from Punk Rock Jesus to Point of Impact, Think Tank to Where is Jake Ellis?, but this one takes the biscuit. I'll deffo be back for issue two, hell, I'll fight anyone to make sure I get an issue.

Comic Book Reviews: 06/02/2013 - Think Tank #5

Finally, going away for a few days has allowed me to catch up on my comics and so I can get through the books that were released a week ago. The first book from this outstanding pile was the one that I had been looking forward to for two months; Think Tank #5.
This issue had skipped ahead in the story as we saw David back in the lab after his successful escape in issue 4, now having given in to his dark side and ignoring his prior misgivings about the weapons he creates, he had chosen to focus on creating a weapon that attacked people by what makes them all different; their genetics.
Before getting this issue I wondered where the title was going to go after the previous arc and the protagonists escape, so returning him to the lab is interesting and really makes me need the next issues immediately just to see why he's back. Has he been captured? Blackmailed? It's certainly a serious 180 in the story by Matt Hawkins, but its highly compelling, with me now wondering if the change in views on genocidal weapons is a way for David to attack his rather nasty boss in some way. This thought is certainly supported by the extra focus on Harrison who has grown from one note villain in the first arc to someone who is a little more layered, and may not be as single minded as previously implied.
The first arc of this book was one of my favourite things to come out of last year and, judging from this issues, that isn't going to change. The story is intriguing, the art beautifully crisp and the scientific notes added in the back are icing on a very full cake. One month can't go by soon enough.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Comic Book Review: 30/01/2013 -The Activity #11

So, this week my pull list was pretty thin on the ground, with only the Activity #11 being released for my pleasure. This, of course, meant that I could devote a little more time to reading this latest issue, and I've gotta say I'm glad I could.
The issue got the ball rolling on a whole new focus for the book when the story, as well as focusing on the usual mission of the week for Team Omaha (this time a bomb scare in a big city), started to show greater impact from the Colonel's investigation of a possible leak within sigint.
In truth, this issue was difficult to get into to begin with and I was worried that the split focus had diminished my enjoyment in this usually great book, in fact, I almost gave up after only a couple of pages. However, I persevered and found that my fears from those early issues were completely unfounded as the story became more and more compelling with the turning of each page, culminating in a final two pages which not only brought the two plots together, but was also incredibly shocking. In fact, after seeing this, I went back and re-read and found those earlier concerns had evaporated.
I've said previously how much I like this book. Well, correction; I love this book!! Despite it being a couple of issues behind (which, thinking about it, may be part of the reason for my worry when I first read this issue) this book is one of the most engrossing, beautiful (thanks to the amazingly consistent Mitch Gerads, who can never who can never get enough credit in my opinion) books ive read. The only annoying thing about it is I gotta wait a month to see the fallout from the end of this issue.