Friday, 29 May 2015

Review: Chunks #2

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything. This is down to the ever current problem of not being able to pick up my comic books at present. This bugs me quite a bit as I love comics (if that wasn’t apparent), I miss comics and without comics, I have very little to talk about when I get on here. As a result, my mood is currently low, meaning I need a laugh sharpish.


Therefore, I’ve got to say thank God (or the Devil, based on this man’s personality) for Matt Garvey, who was kind enough to provide me with a new comic book he had recently completed as a thank you for my (justified) support of Chunks.


And so I've now read Chunks #2 and, once again, it brings more of the funny as the band has gotten themselves a paying gig. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of gig they were hoping for, but it pays them in cash money and possibly even a record deal, as long as they don’t screw it up (you can already gather what happens next).


Once again, reading this instalment had me in hysterics, giggling to myself at every little thing which happens and every big dilemma the Chunks put themselves in. Garvey show’s more of his razor sharp wit with every panel and a real comedic flair in his writing.

Meanwhile, Cris Canfailla returns and his art is still glorious but now enhanced with the odd item scattered throughout the book which is splashed in colour which really had me in awe and kinda makes me hope more monochrome books did this type of thing (although that may cause a whole new set of problems).


Of course, it’s not a perfect issue, mainly due to the fact it isn’t a stand alone issue but a continuation, with it relying on issue 1 in order to tell you who some of the characters are (I completely forgot Bo’s name). But this is a minor quibble and it hardly take away from the reading experience.


Nonetheless, like issue 1, Chunks #2 turned my day from sombre and dull to a much brighter time, bringing a smile to my face. It’s yet another reminder to how fickle fate is as its kickstarter should have succeeded. Never mind though, as I’ve still been given the opportunity to read yet another installment of this terrifically funny comic book. After reading this, I can now only hope more will be turned out one day soon.