Friday, 27 May 2016

DC Universe Rebirth #1

I have to admit, the last few days have pretty controversial!

With the reveal that Cap is Hydra as well as the announcement of a Netflix style Comixology service for $6, a lot has been happening, and with it a lot of reasons to cry fowl/sing praises (depending on your personal viewpoint).

Me, I've looked at those things and seen only cynicism, which I don't really fancy talking in a negative viewpoint.

So, instead I'm going to talk about DC Universe Rebirth #1 and how much I enjoyed it!!

(Warning, some spoilers, in case you haven't read it yet!!!)

Now, I may sound surprised by this announcement and, trust me, I am. Since the announcement of the whole Rebirth shtick, I expected more of the same from DC in terms of their story telling and so this opening chapter having nothing for me.

Apart from the last few pages
I really loved DC Universe
Rebirth. Shocker right?
Well, Geoff Johns and his merry band proved me wrong and their success, I think, comes down to one simple thing; Wally freaking West!!! I don't mean New 52 Wally, but the original, red headed speedster who is used beautifully to bring a sense of pre-Flashpoint sentimentality to the story while linking it to the New 52. That said, that wasn't all I loved; Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes, Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi, Green Arrow and Black Canary, this whole book felt like Johns was announcing to the world that DC now understood that Legacy ignored and marriages retconned was a bad idea and that they are back.

The art was solid, although I'm not a fan of Gary Frank's art (no reason, just not my cup of tea), but what I loved about this issue was the story, the return of great characters and the pre-52 sense of wonder DC books had when I first got into comics. Of course, there is also that wonderful scene of Wally and Barry meeting again which is just incredible.

So, a truly great comic. DC nailed it.....until the end when they ruined it.

Watchman! Why Watchman? This really bugged me and not just because that series is quite possibly one of the worst things I've read (Everyone loves it, but I can't see it. Sorry). What irritates me more is that Johns and co. must have felt that shoe-horning this otherwise isolated universe would pull in the readers or something when the whole issue up until then would have done just that without the reveal.

So, yeah, a little bit of cynicism, but up until that point I really loved this book and it, as a result, it has me tempted to pick up some other stuff, despite stating that Wonder Woman would be it.  However, after reading DC Universe Rebirth #1, Titans looks really interesting to me (as does Deathstroke because what book by Chris Priest doesn't?). I guess I'll have to choose if I can afford them.

In the meantime though, my concern about this event has been washed away (well, mostly). Now, all that can be done is to wait and see if DC can build on this opener and not screw up.

And I really hope they don't screw it up.