Thursday, 23 June 2016

A word to small press comic creators

So, the U.K. Is leaving Europe. Personally I didn't think it would happen, but there you go.

Now as a result of this, it's been stated that inflation will rise to account for the market crash which occured in the results wake.

I'm an accountant and, because of what's happened, I wanted to take a moment to say to the small press comic creators of how this may impact them.

(Note that this isn't guaranteed, but is my opinion. Therefore, take with a pinch of salt).

Inflation increase means that everything (and I mean everything) is going to go up in price. Unfortunately, this will NOT mean salaries. Therefore, people will be spending more to live and have less disposable income.

For the small press comics community, this means that at their online stores, at cons, the indie supporting stores and maybe Comixology, fewer people will be able to buy their comics.

So, my advice to them is this: DO NOT increase your comic stocks!!! If you increase your stocks you may (note 'may') end up with more books cluttering your homes as fewer fans will have the cash needed to buy as much as they may have a year ago. By having larger stocks which aren't selling, your funds will be tied up and, with money being important in the foreseeable future, you will need as much as you can get.

Again, this is speculation. Maybe things will work out. That said, a large number of you are my friends and peers and I'd hate for any of you to suffer as a result.

Good luck. I hope I'm wrong.