Friday, 3 February 2017

The January (2017) pull list.

So the firsts month of 2017 is over!

It's been a tough month; cold, wet and miserable with no money and the world apparently going insane. Fortunately, I've still got comic to get me through and as I've now read all my pull list, I figured I'd mention my thoughts on them.

First up was Black Science #27 which, despite continuing the story direct from where the last issue left off, felt a little more like a filler issue than any other so far in the entire run. However, while it felt more like a filler, this issue, which saw Pia on the run from the returning Chandra and her army of energy ghost snake creatures, was still one hell of an addictive read. At this point, I'm not sure what else I can say about Black Science as the story is terrific with so many twist and turns (as well as some surprise returning characters here). As for the art, well, Scalara knocks it out of the park once again, capped off with a final panel which feels etched onto my brain it was that good. This is the first book I read and with good reason; Black Science is still as great as ever and long may that feeling continue (or at least until it ends).

Next came Titans #7. Now, much like Black Science before it, I really enjoyed what was essentially a one-shot between story arcs as it primarily saw Wally West meet Pre 52 Superman notes (for want of a better explanation) on their new predicament. Now, I've got to admit that, while the first arc was fun and light-hearted, it did seem to miss something. Well, that something seemed to be right here with a truly fantastic read which rightly gave up spectacle for some great character development. I truly loved all the plot threads in this issue, from my Superman (or at least as close to how I believe Superman should be) offering Wally sage wisdom, to the building of Roy and Donna's relationship, and even the form filling needed to get Titans Tower up and running, this issue was really great and as close to a silver age book I may get to read in a modern comic. Also, while I was initially jarred by the art change from issue 6 to 7, I love Lee Weeks work on Daredevil and love it here too and now hope he's the second artist on the title. This was a near perfect issue for me and if the rest of Titans run is like this then I'd be happy to stay on board and not drop like I did after issue 2 (unless there are pricing issues).

So, third on my list was Trinity #5, the penultimate issue of this first story arc, which saw the Trinity of heroes that is Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman face off against Mongul in their dream world while Lois Lane continued to battle Poison Ivy back in reality. Now, I found this issue had a few more problem than my previous read which was brought on due to DC's insistence to avoid using recap pages. Because of this, trying to remember the prior four issues and what happened within them was tough and made a few things here confusing. That said, as I got into it, this issue certainly became easier to get into, with the three main characters reading just like their counterparts on the old Justice League cartoon (they sounded like them in my head as I read). Also, Manapul's return to the colours here which, while not a big problem in the last couple of issues, was a welcome return as I do love his warm style. Not only issue have me more intrigued about Poison Ivy (I've gotta check out this 'cycle of life and death' story), but the cliffhanger actually has me eager to get the next issue ASAP. Just a shame about the recap page though, making me think DC books are better in trade (something I may have to look into).

And lastly (Because Lazarus #26 has been postponed for another month, 'sigh') is the double bill of Daredevil #15-16, which gives us another done-in-two story similar to that I saw in #8-9 earlier in the month. This arc, which is a bit of a transitional story between Dark Art and the arc I got back on board for, is split down the middle with #15 being ok, but no really hooking me. Issue 16 however, oh wow!! This was a truly gorgeous issue, having a similar introspection feel to Daredevil #10 in the last Mark Waid/Chris Samnee volume. Also, I think issue 16 really helped issue 15 out, as it came across as a better issue with hindsight. What was the real icing on the cake though was a two page splash of DD surrounded by all his enemies and friends, which I think is up there in fantastic panels I want as wallpaper. If there's one problem I have with these issues, it is how is Bullseye back up to his old tricks again given that I'm sure he was paralysed last time I saw him. I guess that's something the Bullseye mini will explain (oh dammit, I'm gonna have to buy that now aren't I?).

And that's Janaury done and, I've got to admit, it was a good month. Sadly, Trinity is on borrowed time given the recent DC price changes I mentioned previously but as long as all the other books maintain this level of enjoyment then I'm confident it won't be too big a loss.

Anyway, next up, February!!