Friday, 13 July 2012

God bless comixology!!!!

The title says it all really. Over the last few days I have been having trouble with my ever increasing bundle of digital comics (to which I thank my Ipad, but that's another story).
On Wednesday, I performed my weekly ritual and collect the newly released comic books. Two of which, Uncanny X-Force #27 and Fantastic Four Annual #33 contained free codes to redeem and collect digital copies of these books. And so, upon reaching for my ipad and connecting to the Marvel website I did as the instructions stated and redeemed my free digital comics.
Or so I had thought, as upon reaching my Marvel app, I found that my collection consisted of everything minus these two new additions.What had gone wrong? Had I not followed the instructions? I had. Had the transaction not gone through? Well, it had. Pondering my options, I re-tried, only to find the redeem codes had been used.
And this is where my saviors come in. Upon reading through some information, I discovered that the marvel app is maintained by Comixology. Now comixology are, in essence, the creators of digital comics (as far as I'm aware), with their software being the template for that apps used by all the major comic book players. Therefore, I contacted them, not expecting much in the way of a reply.
Oh how wrong was I!!! Within a day (which given I'm a Brit isn't exactly a long wait) I had a reply stating the problem and how I could go about fixing it. I gave this a try and it failed and replied as such. But then, a day later, another reply informing me that they would manually add the comics to my account. Oh Happy Days!!!
Comixology had done what I didn't think was possible, they took the side of the little guy. Usually when I contact a helpline requesting help, I find myself not receiving a reply for weeks, if at all. And then, if I do (miraculously) get a reply, nothing is offered as reparation. No attempt to help, no refund (although for me in this case, that was something I had never expected given my comics were free). In short, most companies will dodge their customers until absolutely necessary.
However, I got the feeling not so with Comixology. I had a quick response to my problem, from the same person (which if you've ever contacted a call centre, you know will never happen), which was fixed with minimum fuss. This is how customers want to be treated.
So, thank you Comixology for this act of helpfulness and kindness. It makes me confident that buying my digital comics through you was the right decision.

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