Thursday, 19 July 2012

Review: Daredevil #15 - Out of sight, out of (his) mind.

The consequences from the Omega Effect continue to pile on poor Matt Murdock during issue 15 of Mark Waid's Eisner Award winning Daredevil run as he continues his escape from Latveria.

Getting out (of Latveria) is hard to do.
Following on from the past issue (and to a lesser extent, most of this run), The Man without Fear has lost his senses (literally), thanks to a nanobot virus, and is now trying to find a way out without the powers he has come to rely on. What follows is Matt and his senses compensating for the loss of his powers and getting to grips with them before making his break for freedom in the only way Daredevil knows how; the hard way.

Mark Waid's run on here has been pretty standard fare for his writing in general; smart, witty, engrossing, entertaining. Sadly this issue just doesn't feel up to par with the rest of the series so far. I suspect that the reason for this is due to the fallout of the Omega Drive. This story has now been set up for over 7 issues, including three other titles and given there was little movement in regards to the Omega Effect crossover, it feels as though the story is starting to stagnate a little bit. This is not helped by the art. Chris Samsee has a good quality to his work, but after the beauty that was given to us by Paolo Rivera, it just seems adequate.

As much as I love this book since its relaunch, this issue feels like the serious weak link. That said, Waid has set up enough questions (How will the Avengers save him, What happens with DD's compensated senses) that I'll be back, especially giving that I have complete faith in Waid's work. It's just a sad bump in the road for an otherwise terrific series.

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