Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review: Action Comics #11 - So, Clark Kent is dead?

It's a new beginning for the Man of Steel in Action Comics #11 as he deals with the ramifications of his decision from the previous issue.
Following on from issue 10, Superman has left his old alter ego behind and is now saving the world in a dual capacity as both Superman and, now, firefighter Johnny Clark. As he gets to grips with his new situation, Lois Lane is attacked by a mysterious flying man who wants her niece, Susie, who may in fact have a secret of her own.
I have heard time and again that Grant Morrison is a fantastic writer and that anything he writes is worth reading, but up to this point I have struggled with this series. However, I can finally say that I'm on board with this book after finding how much I enjoyed this issue. Superman final feels like a character you can relate just from the first few pages where he rebuilds homes for homeless citizens. However, unlike the somewhat arrogant character I saw in the first arc, this one shows much more vulnerability. THIS is how Superman should be written. From the moment of reflection when with Batman to heart to heart with his old boss while in his new identity (and Johnny Clark? I just know Morrison pulled that out of mythology limbo), this book shows the character in a very different light. This is also helped by Rags Morales' artwork which seems to have raised the bar from his usual high standards. If ever it's said that an artist has a maximum potential, Morales proves in this issue that that maximum can be raised.
All in all, the most shocking part is what I'm about to say, this is a REALLY good Superman book. From story to art, even the back up (which is even better than the main story, and that takes some doing), this issue excels and makes me think the DC New 52 might actually have been a good idea. If every issue is like this from here on in, my previous worry ( about why I buy this book will be laid to rest.

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