Friday, 13 July 2012

Review: Demon Knights #11 - These monsters are Essential?

The quest to reach Avalon and resurrect Merlin continues with some slight stumbling block in this the 11th issue of Paul Cornell's Demon Knights.
Carrying on from the previous issue, the knights have been transformed into monsters that are considered to the their essential persona's (e.g. Horsewoman becomes a "horse-woman" etc), save for Madame Xanadu and after some time coping with their new circumstance and eventually realizing the cause and finding a cure, they continue onwards with their journey.
Sadly, unlike the previous two issues, this one is a serious drop in form on comparison. The main problem this issue has is that it just seems to be suffering from that age old problem of middle-issue syndrome, wherein the book just goes through the motions between the beginning and the end of a story. It's not that the book is inherently bad, it's simply that it doesn't really move anywhere, with the story maintaining a holding pattern. Issue 11 is essentially filler material, with no progression of the story and no growth of character. Even Cornell's signature humour appears to be missing. On the bright side Diogenes Neves' art continues to excel, making this book feel like it is all medievel.
Hopefully, this is just a bump in the road and after the great show from the last two issues, the somewhat shock twist ending of this issue (although, to be fair I should have seen it coming), I'm confident that overall the story will be terrific. However, as an individual issue, the book is not one of the best to come out in the series.

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