Saturday, 14 July 2012

Review: The Massive #2 - Kill or be killed

Brian Wood continues his post-apocalyptic survival of the Kapital, along with the search of it's sister ship in issue 2 of his new series The Massive.
Continuing the story from issue 1, the Kapital is under attack from pirates and has decided to hide itself in the fog to avoid detection and attack. What follows is an atmosphere cat and mouse game as the crew of the Massive wait out the pirates' attempts to board them and allow them to escape. Meanwhile, more explanation is made of what happened directly after "the crash" as well as Ninth Wave's reaction to it on a resupply run to Hong Kong.
The Massive continues to be an incredibly engrossing story as the focus moves away from the main hook and focuses on survival against predators. Brian Wood is showing a distinct talent for how the world would act after it's gone to hell in this issue, with the characters on board the Kapital adapting to the problems they currently face with the knowledge that they will be killed if caught. Although, much like last issue, the flashbacks are a bit of disruption to the story, they are less so now that I'm used to them. In fact, Wood has found a novel way of feeding the reader exposition while keeping the story going. There is obviously too much backstory to fit into a single issue and that would most likely be off putting to potential readers. Meanwhile, the artwork continues to be top-notch, with Kristian Donaldson, matching the atmosphere of the story perfectly with his pencils.
With the unanswered questions and plot points dropped at the end of this issue, I have more questions than answers. Suffice to say, The Massive is turning out to be an inspired buy and I intend to be back to see where it leads.

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