Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review: Uncanny X-Force #27 - Return of the Brotherhood

The final execution continues for the mutant hit squad in Uncanny X-Force #27, as the reborn brotherhood of evil mutants maintain their attack.
Following on from the last issue, x-force remains under attack, with Fantomex and Psylocke still taking abuse from Mystique and Shadow King respectively. What follows is a beaten Fantomex releasing his most heroic turn to date as he rushes to rescue Betsy from her fate. While this is going on, the Brotherhood of evil mutants continues its return with an attack to capture the child Apocalypse, both tales culminating in a dire situation for Wolverine and his band of killers.
Once again, I find this whole story arc being compared to the Dark Angel saga, which is totally unfair. I'm sure this story will end up being great but sadly all I think is "this ain't no Dark Angel Saga". This, in fact, could be the reason why I found this issue a struggle, with the book not really connecting with me like it should. In terms of story, there was nothing fundamentally wrong with it, it was especially interesting given the inside into how Fantomex's mind(s) work. That said, I just could not stay invested. Phil Noto's art was good here (still a vast improvement on Greg Tocchini's work in the Otherworld arc), although panels toward the end felt a little rushed and lacking a little of the quality from the rest of the book. That said, the Brotherhood reveal panel was gorgeous.
At the end of the day though, as much as I enjoy this book, I getting the feeling that I've burnt out on it. In terms of the story, it peaked too early with the Dark Angel Saga and I don't think it'll reach those new heights. Unless, the rest of the arc changes my mind, this may most likely be the last I get of Uncanny X-Force. But boy it's been quite a ride.

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