Wednesday, 5 August 2015

DC are very anti-recap page.

Something occured to me today; DC really are against opening recap pages in their comics. 

Something else occured to me; them not liking recap pages might be the reason I don't buy many of their books,

This comes directly after reading Superman #42 and a few weeks after reading Earth 2: Society. Both books lacked any kind of recap as to what had happened in the previous issue/arc/run, all they did was was simply followed on from the previous issue, almost as if they had been released at the exact same moment.

For me, this is a problem. Both Superman and Earth 2 I struggled to enjoy and while this might be because of bad story of poor art (although I'm not willing to accept the latter on either book, because they both look wicked awesome), I'm theorising that it is because they both lacked any way to inform me of what had happened up to this point,

Now, comics are monthly released (if not more) always have been (as far as I'm aware), always will and while I get that a recap page is one less page of art and current story (because they are already giving away half pages to Twix) I find it difficult to remember specifically what happened in the last issue, especially when you read multiple books and have multiple stories in your head.

Image and Marvel both have recap pages and while Marvel irritates me at present with it's own problems, the fact is that both publishers books are much easier to enjoy because they take a moment to remind me where the story is at. Now it could be argued that I should just read the previous issues again and then I'm all caught up and that's a good idea. However, when you are busy you don't always have time to re read issues and, besides, if I wanted to read multiple issues together I'd buy a trade.

At the end of the day, this is something which bothers me and me alone (though I'm sure there must be others). I'm not saying it's the single cause of all which is wrong (to me) with DC's comics, but if they want more of my money, I'd say giving me a quick lay of the land before letting me read the story would be a good start to go about getting me hooked.

Then all they'd have to do is keep me that way.

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