Friday, 28 August 2015

Melksham tomorrow!!!

I'm finding myself eager for the working day today to finish for two very specific reasons: My final day at my current job (the next one starts Tuesday) and, more importantly, tomorrow is the Melksham Comic Con!!!!

It's been two years since I last attended and I'm excited to get to my 'local' con (because Bristol Expo shut up shop and Cheltenham is just slightly further away), see all the indie comics that will be on offer and meet all of their creators as well get the chance to sit in on a couple of panels.

In truth, I have some very specific plans for tomorrow in regards to what I will be doing and those include:

  • Catching up with Alex Thomas of Pipedream Comics.
  • Conversing with the Komix Comic book shop about selling some graphic novels.
  • Speaking with Jon Lock and Nich Angell of Big Punch Studios.
  • Attend the LGBT in comics panel, as well as the Big Punch Studios panel and (maybe) the Doctor Who panel and The PCG presents panel.
  • Rummage from long boxes in search of some comics, possibly including Soule's She-Hulk run and Wood's Massive run.
  • Buy some Indie comics, with top runners being Vince Hunt's Red Mask from Mars #2, Sam Webster's Joe Cape #3 and, possibly, anything by Mike Garley.

So, a lot to get through in one day. Of course, I'm a little bummed that I won't be there for the whole weekend, especially as I'll miss the creating comic for Kids panel, but I have a lovely wife and if I want her to stay that way, I think the one day will be enough.

I'm also a little concerned that I won't have the money to get everything I want there. That said, as long as I get some comics to read on the Sunday, then it won't matter how many I buy, just as long as I have a good time.

And I'll have a good time at Melksham, because they always put on a good show there!!!!

If you make it, maybe I'll see you tomorrow.....

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