Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Unwanted comics, where to send them?

It's a funny thing, but I've never realised until just recently just how much crap I've acquired in thirty plus years.

In the last couple of weeks, my wife and I have looked at two of the rooms in our house which we avoid like the plague; the spare room and the dining room. Why do we avoid them? Because they are wall to wall and floor to ceiling full of crap!!!

So, we've decided to actually be grown ups and have a clear out.

The problem with this for me is that some of my crap consists of a pile graphic novels, ones which I haven't touched in two years (some of which I didn't even realize I owned) and, not wanting to keep stuff I don't use/read, it seems appropriate to get rid of them.

But what do you do with unwanted graphic novels? I suppose ebay is the best bet but I don't have a good track record on there, it feels complicated to use (yes, I'm THAT stupid) and there is additional stresses selling that way such as postage, so maybe it's best I avoid. It might be easier for me to car boot them, but then again who looks for comics at car boots, seriously?

Personally, I would prefer to make sure all my books went to good homes of people who either love comics like I do or are looking for a way into the comics world (because, I think, that is something which gets more and more difficult for people as time goes on). The question is how do you go about that?

A friend of mine has suggested speaking with Komix comic book shop at Melksham Con this weekend (he also suggested giving away to teachers for their kids, but I worry comics are too adult these days. Yes, I worry a lot), which I think is a good plan, though in what they can help is then a new question. If I fail to find a solution, I'll maybe just give them away to a charity or something as I really want the space.

However, if anyone has another suggestion, then I'm all for it so let me know.

I'd hate to see any comics wind up on a landfill somewhere in the south west, but I fear if I can't find a solution that maybe what will have to happen.

But let's not think negative just yet, I'm sure I can find them a good home in no time.

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