Saturday, 29 August 2015

My time at Melksham was awesome!!!

So, it's the morning after the day before and, while I'm a lot more rested than I was when I hit the sack, I'm still pretty worn out. Therefore, it would be safe to say that day 1 of the Melksham Comic-Con was truly exhausting.

And I don't regret that because it was totally awesome!!!

Having arrived as the doors opened, I spent the entire day (and I mean the WHOLE day, I didn't leave until about four thirty) going around the entire room and doing my usual thing of talking to creators and buying some of their comics. However, unlike the last time I was there where I circled the hall multiple times, on this occasion I only managed to make the circuit thrice, first time to see the outside tables, the second time to see the centre tables and the final time to buy the comics I wanted.

Now, people may wonder how I spent so long there but not walked around that often and the answer to that question is simple: the creators. This year I had to have spoken to every creator at length on multiple occasions. I had such a good time talking to them all that the day just seemed to fly by and, having lost track of time, I ended up missing most of the panels.

Not that I missed them all and, to me that one I did go to was the best thing about being at Melksham. The con's second panel of the day, LGBT and the comic book industry, was a fantastic discussion to be able to sit in on as panelists Emma Vieceli and Joe Glass made the panel into more of a Q&A in order to get real discussion going on the subject. By the end I was deeply engrossed and, along with the long chats I had with both afterwards, I felt a lot more wiser for having gone.

In fact, such was the amount I talked to all the creators, I had to rush to make sure I got all the comics I wanted and, despite a limited budget, I picked myself up an interesting selection:

Breaks: Prologue by Malin Ryden and Emma Vieceli
Pride #1 by Joe Glass and Gavin Mitchell
Joe Cape #3 by Sam Webster
Kilł Screen #1-3 by M. Garley and J. Sherwell
Cogs and Claws by Brian 'Clank' Bennett and Jimmy Pearson

All of these, along with a signed copy of Doctor Who #2, rounded out my day and while I didn't do everything from my to do list (I couldn't find any She-Hulk comics), the experiences I had were more than enough to make up for what I missed.

So, now it's day 2 there but, sadly, I won't be there. However, if day 1 is anything to go by, anyone who is making their way to the second day is going to be a blast.

For me though it's over, but I'll be spending today planning for next year!!!!

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