Friday, 24 August 2012

Review: America's got Powers #3 - Behind the scenes

America's got Powers, the limited series from Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch, returns after a long hiatus (about 3 months I think) with issue 3, as the real intentions of those backing the show start to become a little more known.
In this issue, Tommy is finally taking part in the contest as everyone wants to know what he can do, but as he (and everyone else) prepares themselves for the upcoming elimination round, a new group of previously unknown powers have their own plans for him as they make plans to break Tommy out. As all of this progresses, we are left with the question of what are the government up to in their plans for the powers, as we see that those in charge are trying to transfer the abilities of the powers generation into others that they can trust, and do so on a regular basis.
The first thing that really bugs me about this book is the long wait. A 3 month break has been an absolute pain as it really causes issues such as struggling to remember what happened previously. This is to be expected in a medium where you have to wait a month between installments, but this delay has really upset the tempo of the story. As for the story itself, there continues to be lots of set up and world building which, while provides greater depth to this world, does feel like it hinders the the immediate story. Despite this some of the overall plot threads are certainly intriguing and the big reveal at the end of this issue is a nice touch.
As for the art, well Hitch's work is (as always) terrific. This book is a reminder that this guy helped startup the ultimate universe and brought back Cap from the dead, his work he certainly enhances the books reality tv-esque feel. All I can wish for now is just that he could get his work in on time.
As a single issue is not the strength of this book. As a whole series though, this book is a very interesting different take on the superhero genre. It's mesh with the reality tv craze is refreshing and the threads left hanging are to enticing to leave unanswered. My only wish for this series is that the remaining issues come out very quickly from here on in.

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