Monday, 13 August 2012

Review: Demon Knights #12 - When old Camelot witches just get in the way!

Demon Knights issue 12 continues this medievel groups quest to resurrect Merlin as they face off classic Camelot (and essentially DC) villian Morgaine Le Fey.
Following on from the previous issue, morgaine le fey, who is fundamentally responsible for the dark magic that the Knights have been facing so far in this arc, wants merlin's body for herself. Her objective; to transfer her soul into Merlin's body, because the magic she uses has all but destroyed the one she has. Naturally, it's up to DC's medievel magnificant seven (along with the resurrected king Arthur) to put a stop to this and continue with their quest to Avalon.
Unfortunately, much like Action Comics before it, I struggled to remember what happened in the prior issue, which certainly left mea little puzzled at the start. In truth, DC really need to open with a recap page. Nonetheless, both Cornell and Neves continue to deliver a top-notch book with both the writing and he art respectively. Cornell, continues to prove why he's such a good writer, with in depth portrayals of the characters and the incredibly quirky and funny writing (the moment where Etrigan begins a grand speech, only to be cut off continues to stick in my memory). Neves, continues to deliver his own top rate art, with the panels continuing their consistency as work that belongs in this book.
With a last issue cliffhanger that was so funny, this book continues to be a worthy read, despite the opening confusions brought on by having to wait a month and the feel that this issue was quieter than most. Nonetheless, cliffhanger at the end of this issue certainly makes me curious for more and for the question; What happens next for the Demon Knights?

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