Thursday, 9 August 2012

Review: Punk Rock Jesus #2 - Being the mum of Christ can not be easy.

Punk Rock Jesus returned to the shelves this week for its' second installment as the story continues to unfold surrounding the birth of the clone of Christ and the consequences of doing so.
This issue mainly focuses on Baby Chris's (the new Messiah's name) mother, Gwen, who is starting to feel the strain. While Chris is doing messiah like things and (supposedly) performing miracles, his mum is starting to feel the pressure of fame and being isolated at J2. Meanwhile, Slate and Tommy begin to butt heads over Gwen and Chris' treatment.
After reading issue 1, I found myself hating my local comic book shop for recommending such a great book. Now, though, I find myself considering them the greatest people in the world based on how great this book is. Sean Murphy has put together an incredible comic book, with characters appearing incredibly well fleshed out with plenty of room to grow. The main example of this is main protaganist Tommy who, while being very closed off and pushed to the back in the first issue, is brought to the forefront of the book and allowed to expand his personality and character and, in essence, become an amazingly intriguing character. Also, the growth of Slate, who is quickly becoming the closest thing to a villain this book can have is fantastic. I can't get enough of loving to hate this guy.
The artwork, also by Murphy. is also of a very unique style. It clean but gritty aesthetic is so incredibly good to look at. There are places where it looks rushed but, all in all, this work is fantastic and I could just look at it all day long.
If there is one thing this book seems to be missing it's the questions, Where is the story going? It is a title that doesn't seem to have a real plot of sorts, but then that doesn't matter. Reading this, I think this title is so good, it's easy to just go with the flow and enjoy it for the fine piece of storytelling it is.

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