Saturday, 18 August 2012

Review: Dark Avengers #179 - Gods and monsters

Jeff Parker begins what may be the final arc of the old Thunderbolts in issue 179 of Dark Avengers.

This issue continues its two concurrent stories, with the Dark Avengers, having done a runner from Luke Cage to complete their mission, one their sponsors seem unwilling to divulge. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolts, having arrived in a very Judge Dredd inspired future (which may have some connection to the other story), may have finally found a way to their own time, though it means undertaking in one last mission.

This issue is certainly an improvement in the series, which has sadly dipped in quality since the title change from Thunderbolts to Dark Avengers. While the Dark Avengers story feels superfluous, the T'bolts story has become very intriguing. Also, I'm curious to find out the answer to the question, What are FACT up to?

The art continues to be a high point in this book with Kevin Walker receiving assistance from Gabriel Hernandez Walta on the pencils, who's style resembles Walker's identically, which is no bad thing as the art has helped define this book.

While the overall story thread hint surrounding a FACT conspiracy keeps me intrigued, the degradation of the series, coupled with the upcoming exit of the Thunderbolts team gives me half a mind to make similar exit when that team finally finished their adventures.

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