Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Things I'd like to see more of in Superman and Action Comics

After 9 issues of struggling, I (finally) started into the stories of Action Comics with issues 10 and 11. This was somewhat bittersweet as, I think, Superman is a great character with a lot of potential which has taken a long time to tap into in this series Sadly, the same cannot be said for the Superman series which, after trying to get onboard with the first 4 issues, I eventually gave up.
After reading an entry about the difficulties of making Superman cool ( ), it got me thinking what I would like to see more of within this two series to get me more invested or, in Superman's case, get me back on board for the series. This is what I came up with:-
1. The history of General Zod - After Lex Luthor, Zod is most probably the Man of Steel's most compelling villain. Be cool to see his rise and fall, even better if it was connected to other instrumental characters.
2. Resurrecting Nightwing and Flamebird - I always liked these guys. They are like the Kryptonian Batman and Robin (Actually, they are). Be cool to see them back, or at least see their history of (maybe even connect them to Zod's downfall).
3. More depth into the House of EL - This probably could be connected in some to the above two, but I'd like to see more insight and depth into Jor-EL and his extended family, prior to Krypton's destruction.
4. More from the Daily Planet staff - After Lois Lane, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen there isn't much focus on the staff of the Daily Planet (although, the Superman series is trying to rectify that). But more focus should be placed on not just Lois, Jimmy and Perry, but the background characters like Cat Grant, Maggie Sawyer and Ron Troupe.
5. The Fortress of Solitude - It hasn't been seen since before the new 52. It's an institution and needs to be brought back. Nothing more can be said on this matter.
6. More look into Man of Steel's pre-Action Comics #1 days - Now this would be cool. Seeing more of Superman before he moved to Metropolis and became Superman, living in Smallville, interacting with Pete and Lana and the Kent parents. Be nice to see what made him in this new 52.
7. More from Team Superman - Maybe too early in the new 52 to expect too much of this, but it would be cool to have the Superman, Steel, Superboy and Supergirl characters all working together. And with that in mind......
8. Return of the Eradicator - Again, maybe too early in this New 52 world, but I gained a good love and respect of the character after reign of the Doomsday story pre-New 52. Therefore, would be cool to have him re-introduced now everything has been relaunched(Sorry rebooted).
9. Bring back Doomsday - Now, I don't know if the Death of Superman is still canon now much of the continuity has been cut. But if it isn't then, by all means, DC should bring back Doomsday. It would be awesome to see a new take on the toughest fight of Superman's life.
10. A more Human Superman - Now this might be a bit of a contradiction, but I think it would make the character much better. If Superman wasn't so perfect. If he was fallible. If he sometimes hesitated before doing the right thing. If he mourned his mistakes in private then I would find him so much more compelling. He may be a perfect alien, but he was raised by normal human beings, therefore, his personality should be just as human.
In the end, I highly doubt much of this will ever happen in the current comics. But if any of it did, I'd certainly be more willing to give Superman related series the benefit of the doubt and, you never know but, others might be up for doing the same.

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