Friday, 10 August 2012

Review: The Massive #3 - Back to where it all started

Issue 3 of the Massive brings about a close to Landfall, part 1 of Brian Wood's new story charting the adventures of a group of environmentalists at the end of the world (A contradiction I still end up laughing at).
Concluding from the first two issues, the Kapital continues to escape the band of pirates they encountered, before heading home to the only safe port they now of, Unalaska. This issue continues the theme of flashbacks, with the ones in here taking place after the excitement in HK. This issue continues to flesh one member of the main cast, with the spotlight falling on Mag, who we discover is a very gung-ho individual who is very much a fish out of water within an otherwise non-violent group.
I have no idea what it is about this book that makes it so compelling, as it has an incredibly slow burn story. But this slow burn is actually working, making the story so interesting. The cutscenes displaying what has happened in the world, while I initially considering a hinderance, are enriching the worldthe book is based in, giving greater depth and constantly giving clues as to the cause of all these events. Wood also leaves questions for the future regarding the Massive and it's emergency signal, with which we ask is there to it more than meets the eye?
The art by Kristian Donaldson continues to be top notch. I love his distinct style which continues to remind me of my favourite series Who is Jake Ellis?, and that's for all the right reasons. His Panels come across as crisp and clean, and just ooze charm. The coice of colours just improves on this perfection, with present day and flashbacks having different schemes, but still managing look the same.
This book was recommended to me and now I'm glad it was. A book which asks more questions than it answers, The Massive continues to be an execptional title month in, month out. I already find my salivating for issue 4.

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