Thursday, 14 June 2012

Is Action Comics only being collected because it is "Action Comics"?

Recently, I had reviewed Action Comics #10 (See;postID=5835176686998979709) and I mentioned that when chatting with the shop owner upon buying that issue I pondered as to why I was buying this book. I mean, After 9 issues I was not impressed, I worked hard to make sure it was the last book I read simply because it was the worst in my buy pile. So, why, if this book was so bad in my opinion, did I continue to read it, an answer which my local comic shop gave me; "Because it's Action Comics. It's the one book you have to have no matter how bad it is".
This made me wonder, is that really the only reason I collect this book? I mean, in defence of his theory, yes, it is Action Comics!! The first superhero comic book. It's been around since the 1930's. It predates Batman, Fantastic Four, Captain America, etc. Therefore, it's an institution and, with the relaunch of the DC Universe and the issue number reset, the possibility of owning an Action comics #1 (although granted, not the actual #1, unless you... well, have a couple of million spare) is a hard thing to resist. But just because I now own an issue 1, is that really enough justification to continue buying this book?
Honestly, I don't think it is, but then why do I continue collecting a series that obviously doesn't cut the mustard. I've got to admit that a part of me does it because I'm a completionist and need to collect the whole series. But in truth, the main reason is that I'm an idealist; I have to believe that Action Comics will get better because, well lets face it, it IS Action Comics. It's an institution. It's also retelling Superman's early years and to see this iconic character start from scratch is an exciting prospect. And finally, it's because Grant Morrison is a great writer who has done great things with Batman and could, quite possibly, do it again.
So, with this in mind, it's clear to say yes, I do indeed collect Action Comics simply because it's Action comics, but at the end of the day I continue because I'm willing to believe that the book can and will improve. It's now just a question of how long I'm willing to wait to see this improvement.

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